We all have fetishes

We all have fetishes

This may or may not be something you have considered before, but many of us have some sort of sexual desire that would probably be considered a fetish. For example, I love socks…I can’t help it, I just do. It could probably be considered a fetish because I get strange impulses when I get a new pair of awesome socks and put them on for the first time. Especially a beautiful pair of white knee-highs!

It’s not necessary to be ultra “kinky” all the time to have these kinds of fetish impulses and there’s nothing wrong with it. The simple fact is that many of us are too uneasy about acting out our secret fantasies and never talk about or express their desires. That’s where we come in – like a kind of video “Fetish Therapy”. Ha!

Popular belief is that fetishes are some sort of sexual deviation or fixation, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Finally, fetishes have started seeping into daily life of the mainstream world and have become more accepted as a practice that can intensify your sexual experience. Recently, there are a lot of fetish newbies out there trying out wild and crazy things on each others genitals.

As you can see just from our assorted videos, fetishes can range from being spanked and gagged to sliding around in pudding and way beyond that. Almost anything can be fetishized. Have you ever heard of the love for buildings, object sexuality?

If you’ve never thought about getting into something like this but are open to the fetish suggestion, try it! Start with a video and see how it feels. What are you into? Shoes, socks, legs, panties, balloons, doctors, domination, pogo sticks… It’s up to you to find that out. Perhaps you can explore and find out through trial and error.

Sounds crazy? Then get crazy and put something in your butt! You only live once…