Nina Elle Wetlook Pantyhose Shower


Nina Elle wears a t-shirt and pantyhose in the shower and teases us with her wet body. 14 min

Nina starts out in a robe and slippers. She drops the robe to reveal her sexy t-shirt and pantyhose. She starts rubbing and caressing her legs, crotch and ass, talking about how sexy the pantyhose feel and how she likes to give blowjobs and handjobs in them. She also talks about how she likes it when there is a cumshot all over her ass in the pantyhose and how she wants to have pantyhose sex.

She steps into the shower to let the water run all over her. While in the shower she suds up her ass and crotch first then slowly works her way up to her hair… she spanks her ass a lot in the shower and shake her ass while she continues to talk about how sexy she feels in the pantyhose, teasing us with her sexy body.

After the shower, she comes out and rubs her ass and crotch some more. She does some twirls in the pantyhose while mentioning how she likes giving blowjobs in wet pantyhose.

Finally, Nina wraps a towel around her body and blows us a kiss