Nina Elle Starts Smoking


Health-nut Nina comes homes from a great workout and finds a mess at home left by her roommates. She sees a pack of cigarettes and is intrigued. 10 min

Fetish: ,

Nina is dressed in workout gear, has a bottle of water in hand, and clearly just finished a great healthy workout. She comes home and sees her roommates stuff scattered around including knocked over beer bottles, an ashtray with a few used cig butts and a half pack of cigarettes (all white please). Nina is disgusted by this and starts to clean up the area. One of the cigarettes fall out while she is cleaning and she picks it up and smells it just to see what it is like. She then looks at it with curiosity. Says things like, “I’m a health nut and I shouldn’t do this…”.

She puts it down, stares at it for 5 seconds and then picks it up again and puts it in her mouth. She likes the feel and looks she sees in the mirror and says, “Maybe I’ll just try it quick”. Lights up – takes a deep drag and immediately coughs out the smoke. Waits a few seconds and says, “I really like that taste”. Takes another deep drag and a prefect slow exhale. Sits down and decides to smoke the entire cigarette. Drags should get much deeper as she finishes off the cigarette. She has a few French inhales / exhales as well… after finishing the cigarette, she immediately lights a second but decides to take off her top for this one and run her nipples while smoking.