Nina Elle Smoking in the 60’s


Flashback to the swinging 60’s. The sexy next door neighbor is a friend of your moms and comes over all the time. She smokes and chats with your mom all day while showing particular interest in you. The two of you have a moment outside while your mom is gone. Nina starts flirting with you and encourages you to smoke. She notices your pants getting tight and offers a hand. 18 min

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Nina is a neighbor and close friend of your Mom. Your Mom smokes, but not 120’s. Nina has always had a huge crush on you and knows you’re curious about smoking. Nina always see you looking at her when she smokes her extra long Virginia Slims 120’s. She always holds her cigarette between her straight up index and middle fingers.

She loves smoking, cheek hollowing, French inhaling, to exaggerate the length of her cigarette. Nina uses your curiosity of smoking as a tool to get you off. The more she gets you to suck on her cigarette the more horny she gets.

She teaches you how to hold it between your two fingers, straight up. How to slip the long filter into your lips covered in her lipstick for better suction!

Handjob: Soft to fast stroking. You cum three times while she’s hand feeding you her cigarettes, putting them out before they get too short and relighting new ones.

She sees how much you like smoking and being touched by her and runs with it. She makes you fill my lungs as much as she can while she strokes you to cum. Cigarette after cigarette. The more she gets you to smoke like a grown up woman the more it turns her on and turns you on.

Nina says: Suck on my long cigarette. Fill your lungs with nicotine. Smoke with me just like your mommy. It’s ok I won’t tell. The lipstick will help it slide in your lips. Does that tickle?