Long Hair Wrapped in Towels


Towel and long hair fetish scene with multiple scenarios. Hair and body wrapped in towels, Lola sits on a couch reading a magazine and Goldie joins her. Goldie also has her hair and body wrapped in towels. While Lola is flipping through a magazine, Goldie starts “disturbing” her by kissing her neck and shoulder blades. Lola is reluctant at first, saying no to a relentless Goldie, but after a while she gives in.


Fetish: ,

Goldie kisses her neck again and pushes the towel on her head back a little bit so that she can “nibble” and kiss Lola's ear. Shortly after, the towel on Lola's head falls and slips, revealing long, beautiful brunette hair. Goldie plays with the hair a little and smells it. Lola then starts returning the favor by kissing Goldie on the mouth until the towel on Goldie's head is partially unraveled and then falls down completely.

Video fades and the towels are back on again. Goldie pushes Lola’s towel back so that it is partially unravelled. Goldie kisses the top of her head and hair which is already exposed and the towel then drops.

Goldie is lying on the bed. Lola enters the scene and climbs on top of Goldie. She crawls over to kiss her lips. After a while the towel on Lola’s head starts to slip. She tosses her head back to let it fall. With her long hair free, she works on kissing Goldie on the face and body. Goldie moves around until the towel on her head is half loose exposing hair around her ears and above the forehead. After some more kissing Goldie rises from her bed and continues to kiss Lola, the towel sliding down her back to come loose.

They start dancing to their favorite music. After a while the towels come loose and both are dancing with long flowing hair.