Long Hair in Towels Casey Calvert Nina Skye


Casey Calvert and Nina Skye are all wrapped up in towels, covering their long gorgeous locks. Until the towels fall off and their long luxurious hair is exposed and they kiss. 43 min

[Script 1: At the Couch (15 minutes)
Casey is sitting on a couch waiting for her long hair to dry. Nina comes along and sits on her lap. Casey moves back so that Nina sits between her legs. Casey cups Nina’s breasts and begins to kiss her neck and touch her pussy. Nina is slowly aroused and the towel on her head starts to unravel. Sensing the towel is about to fall, Casey slowly lies down on the couch and pulls Nina with her, she continues to touch Nina who is lying on top of her, face up. By now Nina’s hair is almost undone from the towel. She rises up, turns around and starts kissing Casey who is lying on the couch. She continues kissing until Casey’s towel around her hair is almost completely undone, Casey rises up so the towel slides down her back and continues to kiss Nina. video fades.

Video back on and now it’s Casey’s turn to sit on Nina and reverse the role.

Casey sits on a couch reading something and Nina joins her. Hair and body wrapped in towels (hair dry inside). While she is flipping through a magazine, Nina starts “disturbing” her by kissing her neck and shoulder blades. Casey is reluctant at first saying no to a relentless Nina but after a while she gave in. Nina kisses her neck again and pushes the towel on her head back a little bit so that she can “nibble” and kiss Casey’s ear. Shortly after the towel on Casey’s head falls and slips revealing long black hair. Nina plays with the hair a little and smells it. Casey then starts returning the favour by kissing Nina on the mouth until the towel on Nina’s head is partially unraveled and then falls down completely. She also plays with Nina’s hair a little while.

Casey: What are you doing? I don’t know about this
Nina: It’s ok, it’s just a kiss. I know you have long beautiful hair. I want to see it.
Casey: Mmmm, stop, you are making me aroused
Nina: You know you can’t resist
Casey: Oh no my towel’s falling
Nina: Let it go
Nina: you have beautiful long hair. It’s so long, silky and pretty
Casey: My turn now
Nina: Oh no, my towel’s gonna fall
Casey: Let it slip and your hair cascade like a dark waterfall

Video fades and the towels are back on again. Nina pushes Casey’s towel back so that it is partially unravelled. Casey can stop it from slipping with her hand if necessary. Nina kisses the top of her head and hair which is already exposed and the towel then drops.

Casey: Towels back up again
Nina: You know it won’t stay there for long
Casey: Mmm
Nina: I want to kiss you until your towel unravels and tumbles down
Casey: I am powerless to resistZ: Your hair smells so goodL: My turn to make your towel fall
Nina: Oops it’s falling down
Casey: You have beautiful long silky hair

Towels back on and Casey decides to continue by kissing Nina’s neck. Her head tilts back until the towel drops, revealing pretty hair. Nina then does the same to Casey until her hair drops. Video restarts again with the towels. Nina and Casey are kissing. While doing so Casey messes up the towel on Nina’s head until it is half undone. Further kissing causes Nina’s towel to drop completely. Nina then kisses Casey and also messes up the towel on Casey’s head until it slides back partially. Further kissing also causes Casey’s towel to drop, revealing beautiful hair.

Casey: I want to mess up the towel on your head
Nina: (Giggles)
Casey: You know you want me to
Casey: Ohh you look so sexy with your towel half undone, you really turn me on
Nina: Bring it on babe

Script 2: On the Bed (15 minutes)
Towels back on and Casey is sitting on the bed with back against camera. Nina starts kissing her from the side. Before long the towel on Casey’s head starts coming loose and Casey’s hair cascades down. Repeat this scene with Nina now with her back to the camera before Casey starts kissing.

Nina: Ohh yes, let it fall. Beautiful
Casey: Mmm
Casey: I want another silky towel drop (giggles)
Nina: Your hair is so gorgeous (after towel drop)
Casey: I know

Video restarts and the girls are lying down on the bed facing each other. They continue kissing until towels are half unraveled. After that they decide to rise up from the bed and kiss until towel drops.

Casey: you look so pretty with your head wrapped in a towel turban
Nina: Do want to see it fall?
Casey: I am going kiss you so hard until it slips and comes loose

Script 3: Wall action and Slow Towel dance (8 minutes)
Casey is kissing Nina against the wall. Nina turns around with her back facing M.She starts kissing her until the towels come off. Casey smells Nina’s hair. Casey is then positioned with her back against Nina and facing the wall. Nina starts kissing her all over until the towels come off.

Both girls repeat this scene again with Casey now being pressed to the wall first.

With towels back on, Nina and Casey do a slow, sexy dance and hold each other. They start kissing until the towels on their heads come loose. They can kiss the face, mouth neck and body. They close the video by both waving bye to the camera.