Marica Hase Woman Scorned


Marica Hase is a working girl lured to a hotel room by Officer Casey Calvert on an undercover sting. She arrests Marica, who is put through a grueling trial and sentencing hearing. She is convicted and sent to prison. In jail, she is caught masturbating and subjected to a torturous foot caning as punishment. 42 min


A prostitute has been called to hotel/residence to meet with a client. What she doesn’t know is that the “client” is an undercover officer. She enters the rooms, is greeted by the “client” and they sit down on the bed.

After a little small talk and kissing, the officer reveals her identity and arrests the prostitute. Realizing she is under arrest, the prostitute becomes very scared and desperate. Pleading with the officer to not arrest her, and that she just needs money.

The prostitute is handcuffed behind her back, and the officer takes her personal information (name, DOB, residence etc.) before escorting her out of the room.

A few days later, the prostitute makes her court appearance. The officer opens the door to let her in. She takes her seat. After answering a few questions from the judge(why she is a prostitute, prior offences, etc) The verdict is read. Because she is a repeat offender, she is given a 1 year sentence + she has to register as a sex offender for 5 years post-release. After the judge has read the verdict, the prostitute begins to cry. She is approached by the officer, ordered to put her hands behind her back, handcuffed and escorted out of the courtroom.

The prostitute is taken to the intake area, where she will be thoroughly processed by the officer. The officer starts by removing her handcuffs,
tells her to face the wall and put her hands on it. She is patted down and asked if she has anything sharp/dangerous on her.

The officer removes her heels and checks the bottom of her feet. Next she turns around facing the officer, who checks her mouth, ears and nostrils for contraband.

Next, the prostitute is ordered to strip down. One piece at the time. Starting with suit > blouse > skirt/pants > bra/underwear > glasses. Then her items are placed in plastic bags, who are then put in a cardboard box. Next, she is ordered to squat down and cough three times, and then the intimate cavity search begins. The officer puts on plastic gloves and checks her anus & vagina.

After the procedure is complete. The prostitute is given a prison uniform. White panties, a white sports bra and white calf-length yoga pants.

Then she is given an orange prison jumpsuit to wear on top. The prostitute becomes angry and flustered when she realizes she won’t be given any shoes or socks, and begins protesting to the officer, who sternly orders her to keep quiet and stop complaining.

That uniform regulations are not up for debate, and she’ll just have to get used to going barefoot for the duration of her sentence.

After putting on her uniform, the prostitute is ordered to kneel on a bench, facing the wall, hands behind her head with her fingers interlocked. The officer then brings in the transport chains. Handcuffs, leg irons and a brown leather waist with a metal ring for the handcuffs. The officer fastens the belt around the prostitute’s waist so that the metal ring is behind her back, inserts the handcuffs through the metal ring before she takes the prostitutes arms down, and cuffing them. With her hands secured, the officer proceeds to put on the leg irons.

Finally finished, the prostitute is taken to her cell, fully shackled. When they arrive at the door to the cell, the officer
orders the prostitute to stand still and face the wall, while she opens the door. When the door is opened, she takes the prostitute inside. Her shackles are removed.

The officer explains the prison rules and schedule to the prostitute. Every day is the same. Wake up at 6:30. Roll call at 7:00. Breakfast between 7:15-7:40. Yoga/pilates between 8:00-10:00. Lunch 10:20-10:40. Vocational activities/school between 11:00 and 16:00. Dinner between 16:00 and 16:40. Free time until 19:30. Evening yoga between 20:00 to 21:00. Supper between 21:15-21:35. Free time until 22:30 and bedtime after that.

She also hands her an orientation note with this information. Including prison rules and regulations. Obey guards at all times, no swearing/cussing, no fighting and no sexual activities/masturbation. Then the officer leaves her alone in the cell.

A few weeks into her sentence, the prostitute is on her way back to her cell, from her prison duties. The prostitute is walking with her hands behind her back, unrestrained, and the officer is following behind her. The two are engaged in some small talk regarding the prostitute’s prison life and post-release plans, before they arrive outside the door. She is again ordered to face the wall next to the cell door.

The officer pats down her entire body, taking special care to check the soles of her feet, before letting her go inside. The prostitute, frustrated with having gone weeks without sexual release, lies down on her bed, pulls down her pants & underwear/pulls up her shirt and bra and begins massaging her nipples and masturbates. She continues for a while until climaxing, when the officer rushes inside.

Yelling at the prostitute and ordering her to get dressed. After she is all dressed, she is forced up against the wall inside the cell, handcuffed behind her back, and taken to the punishment room.

In there, she is ordered to lie down on a bondage table, on her stomach. Her hands and feet are fastened to the bench, using leather cuffs. Her feet close together.

Additional straps are placed over her lower back and behind her knees. The officer takes out a long, wooden cane and explains to the prostitute that she is going to cane the soles of her feet. The prostitute is ordered to count the strokes as the officer delivers them. During the punishment, the prostitute starts squirming, crossing her feet, the officer grabs her feet, forcing them back into position and tells her to keep her feet flat.

After the punishment is over, the prostitute begins to cry again. She is once again handcuffed behind her back and escorted back to her cell. This time, the bed in her cell has been equipped with leather cuffs like the punishment bench. Her handcuffs are removed, and the officer lets her take off her jumpsuit, before she lies down on her stomach and is restrained to her bed.

Before she leaves, the officer sits down next to her, tries to comfort her while at the same time remininding her that it is her responsibility to follow the rules, and that she needs to reflect on her behavior. Then the officer leaves.