Heels Too High Samantha Grace


Gorgeous fetish model Samantha Grace has a bit of trouble walking in the park in her awesomely high heels. They were an anonymous gift by someone watching her every move. 25 min


A car stops by the park. A beautiful young lady gets out carefully because of her high single sole stiletto pumps. She locks the car and walks gingerly into the park, and although she’s not stumbling, we can see she needs to work to walk as her heels are so high. They’re the highest she owns and although she can only just about walk properly in them, it’s her favourite pair of shoes. Under her short but decent skirt here great legs are bare. It’s clear she has a great hourglass figure. She’s not fat but has well rounded hips, full thighs and a full bum underneath her skirt. She’s left quite a few buttons of her tailored button blouse undone, showing a great jiggling cleavage of her full bust and a bit of lace from her bra.Her pretty face is framed by her long hair. All in all she looks very sexy, but stylish.

After walking for about three minutes, she sits on a park bench to relax and enjoy the sun in the almost empty park. Almost instantly she’s approached by a young lady in jeans and sneakers who hands her a beautiful gift-wrapped box and walks off immediately. Surprised she accepts the box and only after a moment she thinks to call out to the young lady who’s quickly walking off on her sneakers. The young lady ignores her and she gets up to go after her, only to wobble and stumble within a few meters as she’s trying to walk faster then her high heels allow. Gingerly she gets back to her bench and sits down. She examines the package to find her name on it: Anna. Even more surprised she looks up to see the boy is gone and she turns the box over to examine it a bit more, but it reveals nothing. She puts it on the bench, crosses her legs and tries to think of what to do next. After a bit of thought, she decides to do the logical thing and opens the package to find a slip of paper and a shoe box. She unfolds the paper and reads the message written on it. Is says:

“Dear Anna,

You are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. Please consider these shoes as a gift and wear them in the park so I can watch you walk in them. I will not approach you or do anything weird. I’ll just watch and enjoy the view. I’ll be waiting for you from the moment this package is delivered for as long as it takes.”

It was signed with just the letter M.

She folds the note and opens the shoe box. In it is a pair of exceptionally beautiful single sole pumps with very high stiletto heels. The heels are much higher than the ones on the shoes she’s wearing. She holds up one of the shoes to admire it. It is stunning, but she’s afraid she’ll never be able to wear them because of the high heel. After some more contemplation, she decides to try them on at the spot. She slides her feet into them to find they fit perfectly. She just sits for a moment with her shoes on the ground to admire the look. Her feet are pretty much vertical in the shoes and she wiggles the heels to get a feel for them. Then, with a deep breath, she carefully stands only to immediately find out these shoes are a serious challenge. She tries a few steps and finds she can walk, but only with great difficulty. She makes it back to her bench without hurting herself and sits down again stretching out her legs. Admiring the shoes she tries to make up her mind. She sits back and reads the message once more.

She becomes aware of the fact this is actually quite stimulating. Flustered, she decides to give M a run for his money. She packs her own shoes in the box and gets up carefully. The camera takes her from the front and moves backwards as she struggles to walk to her car. She puts the box with her own shoes in the boot and steadies herself against the car for a moment. Then, wobbling and teetering, she sets off into the park to fulfill M’s wish.

She now walks in the park for about 15 minutes, the camera showing full body shots, upper body shots to show her jiggling boobs as well as shots of her bum and legs as some close ups from her feet in their fantastic but torturous heels. Every now and then she takes a seat on one of the park benches to rest her feet a little.

In the end she struggles to walk back to her car, the camera following her as she almost can’t make it. Sighing with relief she opens the car, sits down with her feet outside. She takes off the shoes and massages her feet briefly. Then she puts the shoes on the passenger seat, swings her feet in and drives off. The camera stays behind, seeing her car disappear.

The End