Foot Worship Panty Mouth


Femdom Sarah Vandella has Gabriella Paltrova under her command and makes Gabi walk on a leash, worship her feet and obey her every command. 25 min


You and Gabi are both Sarah’s slaves. We open to Sarah leading Gabi on a leash after just coming home. Gabi is wearing a lingerie set that includes garter, stockings, and heels.

Gabi acts very obedient as Sarah’s slave. Sarah commands Gabi to undress her out of her clothes and dress her in a dark domme like lingerie set that includes a garter and stockings. Sarah takes Gabi for a walk after dressing her, showing off Gabi’s features. Sarah sits down and asks commands Gabi to worship her feet after a long day.

After some worship Gabi makes a mistake worshipping her feet and Sarah becomes fed up. She commands Gabi to put on her heels. Sarah starts to show off Gabi’s ass and begins to spank her for punishment. Then Sarah makes Gabi lie down, so that she can smother her.

After punishing her, she rubs on Gabi’s on panties and takes them off her. She puts them in her mouth and tapes it shut then leads her with a the leash to a spot farther back of the frame and tells her to stay until she comes back.

Then Sarah turns to you.

You are locked up in a cage so that you can’t reach her. She tells you as the new slave the place is not as clean as she wants it to be and that will keep you even longer from being able to touch her. She notices you admiring her beauty and and thinks it’s humorous.

She’s laughing at me cause she knows you can never have her ever and can’t even touch yourself cause of your chastity. She finds you pathetic. It turns her on even more that you can’t get off and knowing she is so close but you can’t touch her.

She starts to show off her lingerie to you, Her ass, toes, and eventually taking off her bra. She shows off her features so close to you, but she knows you can’t reach. She tells you that if you’re good you can worship her feet.

Then she takes off her panties, leaving the garter and stockings on and begins to masturbate cause it turns her on that you can’t pleasure yourself.

Then at the end she tosses her panties your way and tells you how nice she is for giving you a gift.