Magic balloon fetish Annalee Belle


Annalee is searching for a new apartment and comes across one she finds very interesting. She goes to look at it and meets Aubrey, her potential new roommate. 15 min

Annalee is interested in the apartment and has Aubrey sign a lease she has with her. Annalee leaves but Aubrey notices that she left something behind – a balloon. The only thing to do is blow it up . Aubrey blows up the balloon until it pops – POOF! Annalee appears….

Aubrey is startled and worried that she will be mad for popping her balloon, but she’s not. Annalee suggests that they blow up some balloons together, which they do. This turns her on and she tries kissing Aubrey. Aubrey is reluctant at first but starts to get into it. Annalee uses her magic powers to make Aubrey’s clothing disappear and then transports them from the living room to the bedroom.

Suddenly, the room is 1/2 filled with balloons. They decide to inflate them all and blow up several balloons. Aubrey grows tired and suggests that Annalee use her magic to finish the job. More balloons appear out of nowhere and they play with them sensually. Annalee leans over to kiss Aubrey again and it puts Aubrey to sleep. Was it all a dream? Find out what happens next….