The Tie Dungeon


Foot worship and domination in shirts and ties, starring Casey Calvert and Ella Nova. A business woman/foot slave visits her Dom for her weekly tribute. 24 min

Ella arrives at the door to the dungeon. She nervously plays with her tie, fixes it…checks her wallet to make sure her cash is in there and knocks. Casey opens the door.

CASEY: Hello foot slave, what a surprise, come on in. Since you called last minute, we’ll make the tribute double.

Casey softly, sensually grabs Ella’s tie and uses it as a leash, bringing her in.

CASEY: (Holding Ella’s tie under the knot) Kneel, slave.

She keeps her fingers under the tie knot & slides her other all the way down along the tie and up.

CASEY: Nice tie, is this how you dress up for work?

ELLA: Yes mistress, i have a very important meeting but you’re more important so I came by on the way to worship my goddess before.

CASEY: (Smiles, loosens the tie and places her heel on Ella’s shoulder) Good girl, kiss my feet while I take your payment

Ella begins kissing her heel/foot. Casey grabs her wallet from her

ELLA: I brought you double mistress

CASEY: (Places her finger on her lips) Keep Kissing… I really love you in this attire and since I do. I am going to celebrate it by taking away your debit card today.

Shows her the card and takes it.

CASEY: Text me the pin number for this on your way out.

ELLA: But mistress, this was not in our contract

CASEY: (Grabs Ella’s shirt and tie forcefully) Now it is slave! Know your position. Are you objecting?

Ella shakes her head no. Casey grabs the wallet and slowly, sensually tightens the tie, loosens it and removes it.

CASEY: I think I will keep this as a souvenir too slave.

She unbuttons the top, and first button.

CASEY: Nothing so sexy as a woman in an unbuttoned shirt and her powerful tie in my hands. Now go back and come again once your meeting is over, I want you back in your best tie and all buttoned up at my feet… And, oh, you need to pay me for that session too…

CASEY: (Grabs her shirt) Go away

Ella walks away in fear.

SCENE 2: A fews hours later – inside the dungeon

Ella is on her knees in front of Casey

CASEY: (Grabs Ella’s tie & holds on) I thought long and hard after seeing you today. I think I am going to be more strict with you. Obviously the financial balance is tilted in your favor so we need to reduce your burden more. But first tie this tie of mine!

ELLA: Mistress, I already pay half my paycheck to you and this tie is 200 bucks.

CASEY: (still holding the tie in one hand, slides her other fingers along the gap between the collar) Shut up… Oh, an expensive necklace… See, I don’t have one? Why should you? Expensive mistake

Casey removes it

CASEY: Put it on me.

Ella looks worried.

CASEY: I need you to sign this contract, signing over your condo to me, selling your car and paying me the money and finally cashing your 401k to me.

ELLA: No mistress, I will be ruined.

CASEY: Well foot slave, do what I say and kiss my feet now.

Casey picks up Ella’s phone, asks for her code & logs into her bank account and starts transferring money for every kiss and worship).

CASEY: I think I have a serious necktie fetish now that I see you dressed up like this. I want to make you my permanent chaffeur, gardener, dishwasher, cook all while you worship my feet and stay buttoned up and tied

ELLA: Mistress I have a very important job at office today.

CASEY lightly slaps ELLA

CASEY: This is your most important job ever!

Casey grabs her tie, almost choking her

CASEY: I will let you work but every night you come to me and I will make you worship who I want. Who knows, you might even be slave to my slaves. (evil laugh) Or you could be a stripper here and earn even more money for me!

Casey continues humiliating her and emptying her account, while slowly sensually grabbing the tie, flipping it. Grabbing her shirt and making a wrinkle…uses the tie as a leash and as a doormat…

CASEY: I have a gift for you for obeying me now

She takes her by her tie on all fours, shows her a handcuff and cuffs her hands behind her back.

CASEY: You will be mine all night and when I decide it’s time, i will let you loose to work. When I text or call you better show up or I will show up at your place of work.

Casey undoes Ella’s tie with one slow movement, just loops it around Ella’s collar like a leash and walks her all over the floor. She grabs her shirt (leaving the tie leash looped around her)

CASEY: I have my dinner here with my next slave and I want you to watch and who knows he might be your colleague too (she laughs)

Casey takes a permanent marker and writes in the pristine collar “Owned by Mistress Casey”

LAST SHOT: Ella still cuffed, tie still looped around her, being pushed into the cage…then Casey slips her tie off through the cage, “owning” it.