The Maid


It’s time for the Lady of the House to have her bath. The Maid enters the bathroom, turns on the water and prepares for her Lady. She opens a random drawer, discovers a strapon dildo and snickers a little. The Lady of the house enters and sees her rushing to put away the strapon. The Maid tells her that the bath is ready. The Lady attempts to get into the tub. It’s cold as fuck. The Maid apologizes profusely but it’s not good enough. The Lady insists the Maid find out how cold it is for herself. She grabs the Maid by the hair and escorts her into the bathtub, clothing and all. 25 min

The Maid is helpless in her Lady’s hands and doesn’t resist. After some waterboarding, the Lady gets the strapon back out and puts it on. She fucks the Maid with the strapon while repeatedly dunking her head underwater. The Maid is learning her lesson. After the Lady is finished, she demands a shower. The Maid prepares the shower and washes her Lady’s entire body.