Play With My Pantyhose


Casey shows up to her friends place but her friend isn’t there. His mom answers the door and continues folding her pantyhose, which is very intriguing to Casey. 42 min

Play with My Pantyhose: Fetish scene with Casey Calvert and Serene Siren

Your friends hot mom (Serene Siren) starts out on a couch folding laundry, bare legs and fully clothed. Casey Calvert knocks at the door and Serene invites her in and chats with her son’s longtime best friend.

The mom excuses herself, but before she leaves she purposefully sets out a pair of stockings. After she is out of the room, Casey can’t help herself and she grabs them and plays with them a bit. The mom comes back wearing pantyhose and catches the friend playing with the stockings.

Serene watches briefly and then eventually confronts her. She says she’s always noticed her checking out her pantyhose legs in the past and suspected she had a pantyhose fetish.

She resists and acts coy for a bit. The mom admits she has a pantyhose fetish as well and then asks, “Would you prefer to play with these pantyhose instead of those stockings?”

She shyly says yes and starts touching/rubbing and caressing her legs. She asks how she likes it and such.

She starts to get excited. She asks if he wants to use her strap-on instead of her hands and she is speechless but agrees. The mom has the friend put on a strap-on and have her rub and hump her legs with the strap-on while urging her on, being assertive and assuring that the friend can just go for it.

Serene sitting on the couch, Casey starts on the couch and rubs the strap-on up and down her legs. Serene has her get on her knees on the floor so she could more easily get the dildo between her legs. Serene stands up and has Casey put it in between her thighs.

She kind of coaches Casey in a way. She says she knows she’s been waiting for this and she has too.

After a bit, she says, “Now how about we put those stockings on too? One pair isn’t enough right? Let’s make this special”

She puts the stockings and a garter belt on top of the pantyhose and says, “I know how much you like these, I even MAY let you cum on these stockings too. But first you have to be good to me. You have to earn it. You gotta fuck me. I know you want to fuck me in my pantyhose and stockings. I definitely want to be fucked in my pantyhose and stockings”.

Casey fucks Serene with the strap-on in missionary, doggy, standing doggy.

After a bit while being fucked in standing doggy, while still being fucked she says, “Ok, I know you’ve been fantasizing about this all these years, cum on these stockings. Would you like that? I’ll even let you keep them as a reminder”.

She sits on the couch, pulls on her garter suspenders so the stocking stretches up and she uses the other hand to jerk off onto the stockings.