Pepper Kester Glorious Panties


Pepper shows off her smooth bits in her very tight panties. She’s doing stretches and notices you watching, but she doesn’t mind. 26 min

Pepper is busy with her daily workout routine as you walk in. She notices you watching her intently. She decides to play a little game and tease you as she works out. She removes her shoes and teases you with her pantyhose feet. She shows you her feet close up, the tops of her feet and various angles are especially pleasing.

She then strips down to nothing but the panties. She continues to work out in just the panties. You especially want to call attention to your absolute favorite pose and would love to see her like this with special attention to the panty crotch (which drives you wild).

The panty part of the video is definitely the focus area of the video as this is what you love the most.

She removes the panties and shows you closeups of her pussy as she rubs it a little and begins to get turned on. She lifts her foot to her mouth and does some self foot worship (licking and sucking her toes).

She then puts the pantyhose back on and poses showing you her pussy through the sheer pantyhose. The video finishes with her rubbing her pussy through the pantyhose as you finish together.