Leg Licking Lesbians: Riley Reyes | Ella Nova


Erotic leg licking with Ella Nova and Riley Reyes. 28 min

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The first girl is sitting on a table, it has to be a table rather than a tall chair because the legs need to be dangling down, she’s sitting on the table so that her thighs are “spread” and soft like in the attached picture. They should be relaxed so the thighs as are soft as possible.

The other girl should start touching and squeezing the thighs by feeling their softness and showing that they are soft, then she should begin kissing them, then kissing them more with the mouth and tongue, like sucking and chewing them with the lips and licking, but not exaggerating too much with the tongue out. It should be mostly chewing, kissing and then licks over the lenght of the thigh.

Once the thighs are done the girl should cross the legs, still sitting in the same position and the other girl should start doing thet same with the calves, expecially over the “fattened” part that is resting on the knee, then moving up back to the thighs and doing long licks and sucks on the one that is over. Then cross the other leg and repeat for the other calf and thigh.

Then she should uncross the legs and spread them a bit more, like in image C, and I want to see the inner thighs sucked, the areas highlighted in red. As they are the softest parts I want to see real care into licking and sucking them.

The licking of the “back” of the legs shouldn’t be too long, the girl shouldn’t even change position much, just lay back and raise the legs and let the other girl lick them, with extra care for the calves, I want to see the girl get a good mouthfool of the soft calve part.

Then the girls switch and do the same.