Riley Reyes Arrogant Boss


Riley Reyes is a manipulative boss hated by all. When two of her employees decide they’re not making as much as they should, things turn sour for Riley. 24 min

They enter her living room, overwhelm her, tie her up and gag her with a cloth

The employees then threaten the boss while she is tied up and gagged:

“We will torture you and tickle the bare soles of your feet with a feather and lick your soles until you tell us that we will get more money in the future and you are kinder to us.”

“I will definitely not … You are only my employees and you are glad that you are allowed to work for me”

“Well… you do not want it any different …..”

They carry her from the living room to the bedroom.

Riley is laid down on the bed, bound and helpless as they torture the soles of her feet extensively.

An employee shows her a goose feather, which they have found in the house by accident.

He says:

Jack: “We want our money”

When the boss sees the feather, she shouts:

Boss: “Oh, no …. please do not ….. please not with the feather …. I have very sensitive soles …..”

Then he begins to torture her by tickling her feet with the feather. She starts to laugh as she’s super ticklish and almost can not stand it anymore. She begs for mercy and calls:

Boss: “Oh, no stop …. please do not … stop! no, no …. stop! ”

Chad: “Are we getting more money now and will you be kinder?”

Boss: “You little shits … I will not do anything!”

Chad: “OK, ….. then we’ll lick your soles!”

Boss: “Oh, no …. please don’t ….. no licking …. please do not, please do not ….. ”

The greedy employee licks her feet very extensively long licking the soles of the feet and sucking on the toes. The other man sits next to the bed during this time and interrogates her, talking to her while the other man continues to torture her.

They continue to promise to be friendlier to the two men at work in the future and try to demand more pay during their interrogation. She must continue to laugh extremely, because she really has very sensitive soles and constantly asks that the employees finally stop.

Jack: “Do you finally want to talk?

Boss: “Yes, yes ….. I want to do everything … anything you want …. please stop … I’ll give you the money and you will be well treated by me in the future.”

After she promises to deal better with the employees in the future and pay more (still tied up), they lick her soles again to intensify their threat – it is so fun for them to do so.

She soon loses her mind with laughter

Then the men leave the house again and leave the woman tied up in the house.