Twinkle Toes Katy and Star


Two college students Katy and Star enjoy each others toes while the other sleeps. Kissing, sniffing and caressing but no licking or sucking. 34 min


Setting: In the bedroom, with a desk right next to the bed.

Script: Katy and Star are college students working on their homework in the living room. Katy gets up and leaves the room for a minute. When she comes back, she finds Star asleep in a funny way. Her feet are sticking out on the coffee table, showing her silky nylon stockings, toes pointed to the ceiling.

Star’s feet are on top of her homework, almost like she fell asleep this way on purpose just so her feet would be in Katy’s face so she can play with her feet. Katy comes back, sits down and starts working again, but she keeps getting distracted because Star is dreaming that she’s a ballet dancer and her toes keep wiggling a lot.

So Katy starts playing with Star’s feet. Whenever Katy pushes Star’s toes a few times, they would start wiggling by themselves. And if she wants her toes to stop wiggling she would hold them still. It’s like she can make Star’s toes do whatever she wants.

Since Star is dreaming that she’s dancing, her toes would also randomly start wiggling in different sequences by themselves. Her feet would follow instructions too – if Katy pushes Star’s toes faster, then they would start wiggling faster. If Katy whispers “wiggle your toes” a few times, then Star’s toes start wiggling. If Katy whispers “point your toes”, then her toes point like a ballerina.

However, Star is asleep the whole time and has no idea what’s going on 🙂

After Katy is done playing with Star’s feet, she gets tired and falls asleep herself. Star wakes up, and starts playing with Katy’s feet the same way. Katy’s toes would wiggle and point the same way because Katy is dreaming about Star’s feet!

Please include some sniffing, and light kissing throughout the entire video, but no licking or toe sucking please.