Serene Siren Pantyhose Therapist


Extremely shy Juliette shows up for an appointment with Dr Serene Siren to discuss her sexual issues when Dr Siren suggests an unorthodox treatment. 19 min

Juliette arrives at Dr Serene Sirens to discuss her extreme fetishes. Therapist Serene is wearing pantyhose, and asks patient Juliette what’s going on.

She says, “You’re having trouble finishing? Trouble getting off? What about erections, are you having trouble getting aroused?.. Only Sometimes huh?

What kind of sex are you having?..

Juliette answers: Nothing special.

Serene presses further. Have you thought about doing anything kinkier? What arouses you?.. You’re not really sure are you?

Juliette agrees and seems to be having difficulty expressing her feelings.

Serene says, Well I think I can help you. I can see you’ve been paying some attention to my pantyhosed feet and legs over our few sessions. Are they arousing you?.. A little bit?

Juliette confesses that she is aroused by the pantyhose.

Why don’t we try something? How about you try touching my feet and legs. (Juliette does so for a bit). Are you getting aroused?.. A little more? Good.

How about we go a little deeper. Take your penis out please and try rubbing it on my feet and legs. (Juliette does so briefly).

How about a foot job? Serene starts to give Juliette a footjob with her pantyhosed feet. How about this? Are you close?.. Not quite?

How about I take it up a notch? Serene takes out a pair of thigh high stockings and puts them over top of her pantyhose. How about stockings? You like those?.. yes? Serene continues the footjob.

How about I flip over? She flips onto her stomach to show off her legs.. So what do you like best about my legs? My feet? My thighs? My calves? Try rubbing them with your penis..

Juliette rubs penis on all parts… You like my calves huh?

Well how about this? Serene rips a small hole in the stocking near the calf area). Put your penis in there and try humping my calves in the stocking.

Is it working?.. Yes?.. Great! Well keep going until you cum all over my pantyhosed calves.

Serene keeps encouraging until Juliette finishes all over the pantyhose