Mommy Gagged You


Sarah and her step-daughter Sasha are in the kitchen arguing because Sasha is always disrespectful to her new mom. Sarah decides to teach Sasha an embarrassing lesson. 14 min

Sarah says she’s going to give Sasha a time out but Sasha laughs and asks if that means she has to sit in the corner for 5 minutes. Sarah says “no, it means I’m gonna tie you up and gag you”.

Sasha says “You’re gonna tie me up and gag me? You think I’m just gonna let you tie me up and gag me?” Sarah says “i’m not giving you a choice” and takes her by the hand out of the kitchen.

At the beginning of the 2nd scene, it will start with a shot of Sasha sitting on the floor with her back up against the couch and the camera can slowly move in to get a closeup of her face for the entire voiceover.

I can’t believe I’m being punished this way. Sarah has been saying that she would gag me if I didn’t learn to shut my mouth but I thought she was bluffing. Now she says that to teach me a lesson, I have to stay home with her and just sit here bound and gagged for the rest of the day until I learn to behave.

This is so humiliating. I’ve been sitting here for 2 hours already and every few minutes she comes over to tell me that this is for my own good and that as long as I live under her roof, I have to follow her rules and be respectful at all times. I’m so pissed I just want to scream at her. Well, I guess Sarah knows that and that’s why she gagged me. She also said that if I sit here quietly and behave myself, she’ll take the gag out of my mouth and feed me dinner later.

Then she said I would still have to stay tied up but that I could sleep in her bed with her. But if I start mouthing off to her again, then she’ll hogtie me and make me sleep on the floor wearing this gag all night. From now on I’ll just sit quietly and look her directly in the eye at all times. I’ll nod my head yes to everything she says so that Sarah will know that I’m sorry for the way I acted and that I’ve learned my lesson.

I was planning on hanging out at the mall this afternoon with Linda. It’s gonna be really embarrassing to tell Linda that the reason I never showed up or answered my phone is that my stepmom was keeping me bound and gagged all day.