Humiliation at the Doctor’s Office


Lily Rader stars in a story of humiliation and embarrassment. Faced with a medical emergency, she entrusts her boyfriend to find help… but the Doctor he finds isn't what she was expecting. 60 min

Lily is a student in her twenties and has the typical look of the girl next door. She uses light makeup but she’s not nerdy… she’s sporty, friendly and cheerful. We see her in everyday life: one scene she studies at home, she watches tv while having a snack. Another scene she is having a drink in a cafe with, say, a couple girlfriends and they talk to each other. She also has a boyfriend of the same age: one scene they are going sightseeing, they look at shop windows and make comments on exposed goods, then they joke and laugh. Another scene they are going for a walk in the park, they sit on a bench and kiss each other.

Lily and her boyfriend are sitting on a sofa at home and watching tv, they are talking to each other and at a certain point Robbie leads discussion on his fascination for medicine: abruptly he makes Lily lay down on the sofa, he raises her sweater, unbuttons her pants and exposes her belly, then he starts softly palpating here and there. At first Lily is amused and lets him do, but then she will stop him, and while dressing she says she had her last medical exam when she was 12, and she will have her next one only if necessary, she also says she doesn’t agree with doctors.

Later, they go jogging and suddenly she stops as she feels a strong pain in the back. Robbie, quite worried, comes back to her side and helps her walk, he tells her she should take a complete examination by a good specialist. Lily manages to stay upright with difficulty and is very worried herself, so she agrees with him.

Robbie calls a friend to ask her about a famous specialist she knows of. She tells him that the doctor is very competent but she strongly discourages him, because the doctor is overly attentive and submits his patients to heavy exams. Robbie says that competence comes first and so Lily, with a sigh, gives him the doctor’s phone number. Robbie immediately calls the number.

At the Specialists Office

Robbie comes to his girlfriend’s house and rings the bell. They go directly to the appointment with the doctor.

The nurse welcomes them and makes them sit down. Lily and her boyfriend look around the room and after some time the nurse phones the doctor to inform him they are there. Finally the nurse says the doctor is ready.

Lily and Robbie are about to enter the exam room, but the nurse says the doctor doesn’t allow relatives or friends to be in during his examinations, so she invites Robbie to stay in the waiting room. Robbie strongly protests but the nurse is inflexible and comes between him and his girlfriend, so Lily kisses him and goes into the exam room on her own, but she forgets her handbag in the waiting room. Robbie sits down very disappointed.

The doctor wears the typical white coat, never smiles and does nothing to put Lily at ease – rather the opposite. He rarely speaks during the physical, but occasionally he will make some comments about Lily’s body and health. Lily enters the exam room and greets the doctor who sits behind his desk and invites her to sit in front of him.

They talk about Lily’s medical history, her habits and health problems, the doctor also asks if she has regular gyn exams, Lily gets suspicious but says no. The doctor takes notes on his laptop and finally orders her to undress to bra and panties. Lily looks around searching for a privacy screen, so the doctor says they are the only ones in the room and she can undress near the chair on the opposite side of the room and put her clothes on the chair.

Lily gets troubled, she goes to the chair and slowly and unwillingly removes all of her clothes except for the bra, panties and socks. She puts her clothes on the chair and is back to the doctor. The doctor is standing, he looks at her and says the socks must be removed too, thus Lily goes back to the chair and reluctantly removes them.

The smiling girl has now disappeared and a shy and embarrassed one has taken her place, she won’t dare looking the doctor in the eyes and will speak with a small voice.

The doctor makes Lily get on the scale to take her weight, and then he takes her height with the appropriate instrument. Afterward the doctor makes Lily sit on the examination table with her legs dangling, thus he takes blood pressure and examines her eyes with the pen light, then her nose and ears with the appropriate ear/nose speculum, next he visits her throat with the tongue depressor and the pen light, and finally checks the neck for any glands.

The doctor now uses the medical hammer to hit with some strength Lily’s elbows, knees and ankles respectively to test her reflexes. The doctor gets behind Lily, grabs her head with both hands and moves it around to test for motility, then he takes the
stethoscope and auscultates Lily’s back here and there, telling her to take deep breaths and sometimes to cough.

The doctor turns back in front of Lily and instructs her to take the bra off, she hesitates at first but does so, the doctor takes the bra and puts it among the other clothes. Lily covers her breasts with hands but the doctor tells her to displace the hands and then listens to her heart. The doctor now makes her lie down completely on the exam table, her arms laying at the sides, and goes on with the heart exam.

The doctor feels the heartbeat at one wrist, then at both of the groins, finally at both of the ankles. The doctor now lowers Lily’s panties, exposing some pubic hair, and starts giving a thorough abdominal examination, palpating and pressing from stomach to belly, but without touching the pelvic area. Sometimes Lily will a little moan and at the same time move nervously the legs, because of the pressure the doctor exerts on her abdomen.

When the doctor is done with the abdominal visit, Lily immediately raises her panties up. Next the doctor tells the girl to raise her chest while with one hand between her breasts he pushes in the opposite direction, so to test her abdominal muscles.

The doctor instructs Lily to sit on the exam table as before, then he grasps one arm and rotates it to check the shoulder’s motility, he moves then the forearm to test the elbow’s motility and finally the wrist’s. Doctor now tells Lily to keep her arm above her head so that he can extensively palpate the breast and armpit, he also squeezes the nipple painfully with strength to check for any discharge. He will check the shoulder’s, elbow’s and wrist’s motility on the other arm and will give the other breast and armpit the same exam. During breast examination Lily feels more and more embarrassed and restless.

Meanwhile, in the waiting room, Robbie is nervously waiting for the examination to be finished, while he realizes that his girlfriend has forgotten her handbag, thus he gladly tells the nurse he will bring it to his girlfriend, hoping that in this way he will enter the exam room. But the nurse says she will bring by herself the handbag to Lily and then gets into the exam room. Robbie can’t resist and follows the nurse into the room: at first he looks at his girlfriend’s clothes collected on the chair and then he sees her, standing in front of the doctor, wearing her panties only, and covering her breasts with an arm.

As soon as Lily sees them in the room she goes quickly behind the exam table to hide herself, very embarrassed, so the doctor has to order her to be back immediately near him. While Lily goes back in front of the doctor, the nurse puts the handbag near the other girl’s clothes, then she takes Robbie out of the room and comes out as well.

Lily stands in front of the doctor who lowers the panties until the hips are well exposed, then he examines carefully the hips and also uses the medical hammer to hit them, then he examines the flanks. He tells Lily to turn her back and examines the hips and flanks from behind.

The doctor now orders Lily to remove her panties, she winces and asks him if it’s really necessary, but his glance is peremptory, so she slowly removes her panties which the doctor puts among the other clothes. Lily tries to cover her breasts and pubis, almost trembling in front of the doctor, who conversely grasps her wrists and makes her extend her arms at her sides.

The doctor brings Lily at one wall of the room and tells her to walk to the opposite wall and be back to him, keeping her arms at her sides. Then he tells her to walk on tiptoe the same way to the opposite wall and be back walking on her heels, afterwards he conducts Lily near the exam table again.

The doctor instructs Lily to bend over touching her toes with her fingers and he carefully inspects her spinal column, starting from the nape down to her coccyx, he will also spread her buttocks and palpate the coccyx from behind.

The doctor makes Lily lie down on the exam table again, she tries to cover her breasts and pubis. The doctor now bends one leg repeatedly to check the knee’s motility and then, after taking away that annoying hand from the pubis, he keeps the leg kneeled and with
one hand on the knee and the other on the inner thigh, he bends the leg towards him repeatedly, to check its motility.

Lily definitely gives up trying and cover herself and keeps the arms at her sides. Holding the leg bent in that position the doctor carefully inspects the groin all around the thigh. He will repeat the whole procedure on the other leg.

The doctor now grasps one foot and moves it to test the ankle’s motility, then he examines both the sole and the dorsum of the foot and then inspects between the toes, finally he examines each toe one at a time. He will repeat the procedure on the other foot.

The doctor orders Lily to spread her legs apart as much as possible and put her feet’s soles one against the other [ the frog position ], she is horrified but does so. The doctor puts his latex gloves on and starts touching and feeling carefully the outer labia, then he spreads them to inspect the inner labia, touching and feeling them minutely.

After that the doctor feels the bartholin glands and then examines the clitoral hood, he finally well exposes the clitoris to inspect it, he will also grasp it between his inch and index and a bit squeezes it, making Lily complain and shake a bit.

Lily feels humiliated to death and starts crying. The doctor inserts his index and middle fingers inside the vagina and slowly goes the deepest possible, then he moves and rotates his fingers inside the vagina so to examine the walls all around, after that with the other hand he presses hardly here and there on the pelvis, while going on fingering the vagina at the same time.

The pelvic exam will be quite uncomfortable for Lily who will complain, the doctor will repeat the standard phrases “be relaxed”, and “I am almost done”.

After the pelvic is over the doctor instructs Lily to turn over, kneel on the exam table and rest her head with one cheek on it, and then to raise her backside at most.

The doctor touches all around the asshole, he probes it for some time and finally tells Lily to take a deep breath and slowly inserts his index finger the deepest possible inside the anus. The doctor makes his finger repeatedly sliding inside out the asshole and at a certain point he will ask Lily to push hardly as she had to expel, and then to tighten, so to check the sphincter strength, always keeping his finger deep inside the asshole. He will ask her to repeat these actions one more time. During the rectal exam Lily will sob again and will moan a bit.

The Instrumental Examinations

When the doctor is done with the rectal exam he says the examination is over and tells Lily she can get dressed. Lily immediately goes to her clothes while the doctor takes off the gloves and goes to his desk to make a phone call.

In the waiting room the nurse answers the doctor’s phone and then turns to Robbie, she tells him that his girlfriend needs some instrumental examinations, that these exams can be done at once but are very costly. Robbie answers he will pay for the exams only if he can assist them, the nurse says it is possible as the doctor wants to give only the first exam in private, hence Robbie pays the requested sum and waits for her girlfriend.

The girl exits from the exam room quite upset, her eyes are still moist and she goes straight to the door to get out, without greeting the nurse and neither looking at her boyfriend. The nurse still manages to stop her and says the doctor has requested some more exams, the girl gets bewildered and her boyfriend tells her he has paid already.

At the same time the doctor enters the waiting room so Lily, being surrounded by her boyfriend, the nurse and also the doctor, in the end surrenders. The doctor and nurse conduct the couple at the entry of another exam room but they don’t get in, only Robbie and Lily do, instead they linger outside.

In this exam room there are an exam table with threatening medical restraints over it, near the exam table there are two strange metal instruments with ropes and various weights nearby, there’s also a long metal bar while on a cart there are two frightening clamps and a more frightening big plug connected to ball weights. Robbie and, in particular, Lily look at those instruments with fear. Lily gets angry with her boyfriend, but she doesn’t speak loudly not to be heard by the doctor, she says she’s tired, she calls the doctor a pig and asks him why on Earth he has paid for the further exams.

Robbie tries to reassure her and says he was told the exams are important, then asks her what happened in the other room. Lily answers him the doctor wanted to examine her from head to toes, even down there, and now she wonders if she can take at least her panties on. Robbie is astonished while Lily starts undressing and putting her clothes again on a chair near a wall.

The doctor and nurse enter the room and the doctor confirms that she has to strip fully naked, he also adds that nudity should not be feared and that he should be more intimate than a gynecologist. Robbie steps aside near a wall from where however sees everything.

Lily is stark naked, the doctor instructs the nurse to prepare Lily for the following exam, so the nurse takes the wrist cuffs and puts them on Lily, then she takes the metal bar and puts it on Lily’s neck, she makes Lily open her arms the widest and fixes them to the bar by the cuffs’ rings. While the nurse is doing that, Lily looks at her boyfriend with horrified eyes and he shows compassion for her. When Lily is ready, the doctor orders her to stand still at the center of the room and spread her legs, then he takes some measures: the length of one arm, the distance from one shoulder to the other, the distance between nipples and from each breast to navel, the distance from neck basis to pubis’ bottom, the distance between one hip and the other, one knee and the other, one foot and the other, in the end the distance from pubis’ bottom to the ground.

The doctor orders Lily to walk back and forth the exam room for some times and then to stand still again at the center, hence he orders Lily to raise one knee at most she can and keep on balance on the other foot, then to do the same with the other knee and foot.
Now the doctor orders Lily to slowly bend forward as much as she can and walks all around to observe her in such position, he touches her shoulder blades, her spinal column and buttocks, he makes some comments and tells the nurse to release Lily from the bar, then goes to his laptop to take notes.

The doctor says they are going to give Lily the last exam, but before it can take place, Lily must stay in traction for some minutes, so he instructs the nurse to put the ankle cuffs on Lily. Doctor and nurse now invite Lily to lie down on the exam table and bind her with a strap that passes on her abdomen. Lily is resigned and undergoes all passively. Then they position the traction devices one at the top and the other at the bottom of the exam table, if they are not there already, and regulate the devices to a considerable height, finally they connect Lily’s legs and arms to the device’s ropes by the wrist and ankle cuffs.

The doctor and nurse now attach the first plastic bag with water inside to each leg and arm, so that they will be simply raised or so, Lily just feels herself a bit stretched. Doctor and nurse wait some time and then will attach the second bag, the limbs now are fully stretched and Lily starts complaining and suffering from the procedure. Doctor waits again some time and then touches Lily’s body here and there, first of all the joints but also the muscles of the legs and arms. He palpates afterward her breasts for a while and touches her genitals, then he inserts his index finger inside the vagina and slides it inside out for a while. Finally doctor and nurse attach the third bag and they set aside, leaving Lily into “big traction” for some minutes: she is in distress and loudly complains, her muscles of legs and arms shake for the strain, her abdominal muscles twitch too.

Robbie, seeing her in such a condition gets worried and goes near her, the doctor telling him not to touch her, and he asks her how she feels, Lily stares at him with wide eyes and doesn’t answer. After some minutes the doctor and the nurse free Lily from that position.

Lily sits on the exam table and touches her limps here and there, she still moans and tries to get up but is unable, her boyfriend is near her and helps her to stand, she whispers to him she wants to go home, and he heartens her that everything is going to end.

The doctor orders Lily to reach him at the center of the room and stand still, spreading her legs, and keeping her hands behind the nape. Lily with difficulty manages to do so on her own, Robbie steps aside.

The doctor is in front of Lily who has a blank stare, and the nurse is near him. Now the nurse gives the doctor the rattan reeds connected to a ball weight by a wire or a thin chain, the doctor puts the reeds in Lily’s mouth and tells her to clench the teeth. Now the doctor grasps one breast with one hand and with the other hand touches and feel the nipple until it gets a bit erect, then the nurse gives the doctor a nipple clamp with a ball weight connected in the same way as the reeds, and he applies it on one nipple, Lily screams in pain but with clenched teeth, so she doesn’t lose the reeds. The doctor does the same on the other breast and nipple with the other clamp that the nurse gives him, Lily screams in pain again, but without losing the reed.

In the end the nurse gives the doctor the vaginal plug, which has a ball weight too like the clamps, then the doctor tells Lily to spread wider her legs and slowly inserts the plug into her vagina, making Lily moan loudly. Lily now gasps and looks at her boyfriend, with her eyes she implores him to carry her away, while Robbie looks at the whole scene as shocked. The doctor instructs Lily to bend forward a bit, so that the weights can hang freely from her body, and then moves a little away from her, he calls Robbie near him and makes comments on Lily’s posture.

Afterward the doctor goes near Lily again and controls the clamps and the plug, then he makes all of the weights dangle with a flick, and observes them until they almost stop.

In the end the doctor says the exam is over and tells the nurse to free Lily, the nurse removes everything from Lily’s body and when the clamps and the plug are removed, Lily will loudly lament.

The doctor gives Robbie a prescription and tells him he is going to see them soon.