Perverted TSA Nurse Noluvv


Cali Carter has been detained at the airport and TSA agents are demanding a strip and full body cavity search after finding drug residue in her luggage. Unfortunately for Cali, an angry, perverted nurse will be performing the exam. 26 min


Nurse Noluvv walks into the room, introduces herself as a nurse, and explains that traces of illicit substances were detected in Cali Carter’s luggage. Explains she will be performing a full body cavity search.

Cali is somewhat taken aback, surprised, and reluctant. She refuses and asks if there are any alternatives. Nurse Noluvv replies no, and asks our traveller to fully undress and place her clothing onto a tray.

Cali is confused and embarrassed and questions the legality of the search. She finally relents and begins to take off her clothes.

After Cali has fully stripped, the nurse puts on gloves and grabs a flashlight. She walks around and visually inspect the traveller. Nurse Noluvv then delicately, comprehensively, and slowly examines the traveller in a very professional way, with a hint of sexual suggestion

Starting with the hair, she combs Cali’s hair with her fingers, checks everywhere on her scalp, then stretches and examines the eyelids of the traveller. Using the flashlight, she shines it in her eyes and uses fingers and the flashlight to look into her nostrils. The nurse also checks the ears and taps around the entire face.

The nurse feels around and asks Cali to open her mouth, visually examines all around with flashlight, then asks her to move her tongue around.

Nurse Noluvv then puts on latex gloves. She probes inside her mouth, comprehensively and slightly aggressively, while shining with the flashlight; she discards the gloves when done.

The nurse then lifts/cups/massages breasts, briefly rub and pinch nipples. She has the traveller hold out each hand, grip and run through every finger, feeling around the nails.

The nurse gets Cali to lie down with her legs spread, and puts on latex gloves.

Throughout the procedure, Cali is reluctant and embarrassed, humiliated and shocked. She is not enjoying this.

Nurse Noluvv starts by spreading and closing the labia and visually examining it, then progresses to feeling and squeezing the clit, and then starts to insert digits, trying to feel around and stretching her vagina.

She inserts the speculum and inspects the insides aided with the flashlight.

The nurse moves on to the anus, starting with slow probing and feeling around.

After a while of probing, the nurse is determined to find something. She is a bit annoyed and slightly aggravated and defiant, announcing that she will be re-examining some areas.

The nurse puts the gloves back on, and forcefully thrust her fingers into and out of the traveller’s mouth, almost deepthroating. She even gets deep enough so that she gags a couple of times

Cali is shocked and dismayed at what is happening to her. She is sick of the degradation.

The nurse plays around with the traveller’s breasts, pinch nipples quite hard, and squeeze the breasts

Cali is quite disgusted and asks what she is doing. The nurse doesn’t respond.

By now, the nurse is blatantly fingering her, and fiercely thrusting two fingers in and out. The nurse suddenly pulls her finger out.

Cali: “Oh my god, what are you doing??”

Nurse Noluvv: “You can get dressed now, come out when you’re ready”, while throwing the gloves away and leaving the room.

Cali stand there, trying to process what just happened and starts to put on her clothes.