Dr Proctor’s Tickle Test


Funny tickling fetish scene. Eva arrives at the Doctors office, nervous about her full body exam. Dr Proctor is stunned by his patient – an all natural beauty with huge breasts. He fumbles and drops his clipboard, trying to convince her that she has to be naked for him to properly give his assessment. She resists at first, but finally relents to his bumbling requests for her to strip. But this test isn't like any other physical exam she's ever had. 18:45


Dr Proctor is busy in his office, face buried in his notes, about to see his next patient. As he walks into the exam room and looks up, he is taken aback by what he sees; an 18 year old goddess in a schoolgirl uniform. It is his dream come true. Now if he can only keep it together…

The pervy Dr fumbles and seems confused at the mere sight of such a beauty. He’s thinking to himself that he has to get her naked at all costs. This is the girl of his dreams and he will have his way with her.

He starts to tell Eva that she needs to be fully nude so he can complete his exam. Scared and apprehensive, Eva tries to reason with the Dr. She doesn’t want to take off her clothes but the Dr persists until he finally gets his way.

Mumbling to himself, he can’t seem to keep his composure as the beautiful Eva slowly strips down to her underwear and then is fully nude and exposed to the mischievious Dr. He can barely contain himself.

He then begins a battery of tests that involve procedures that have his face directly in her boobs, her ass, tickling her body, bouncing her breasts, and then spanked and tickled some more.