Medical Exam Fetish - Casey Calvert gets an examination by the doctor

Medical Exam Required


Casey Calvert needs a medical exam by her new doctor for an insurance policy. Dr Ella Nova gives her a full exam while nurse Riley Reyes assists.

After it’s over, the nurse asks if the doctor would sign off on a physical for her too, since she has the same insurance company. The doctor tells her that would be unethical. “Hop up on the table Riley, you know the drill.”

Riley then gets a full exam as well.

30 min

The female patient checks in with the nurse at her new doctor’s office for a physical exam, required for new health insurance. The nurse brings her back into the exam room and after a quick health history, starts with height and weight. The nurse directs the patient to take off her hooded sweatshirt and remove her boots and socks as she is sitting on a chair next to the exam table.

The patient walks to the scale in her bra, jeans, and barefoot. She sits on the exam table – in her bra, jeans, and barefoot. The Nurse now takes vitals – blood pressure and pulse. Patient is instructed to remove her jeans and is given an exam gown.

The doctor knocks and enters, introducing herself. She checks the patient’s breathing, has her remove her bra for a breast checkup and has her lay down.

The doctor does an abdominal exam and works her way down, checking the legs and feet. The doctor has her walk across the room on her toes and then heels, then checks the patients back as she touches her toes.

The doctor checks reflexes on her arms and legs. The doctor gives her a clean bill of health and tells her to get dressed as the nurse preps the room for the next exam. Little does she realize, she will be the next patient!

After patient leaves, the nurse engages in small talk with the doctor and mentions that she has the same new health insurance as the previous patient. The nurse asks the doctor to sign off on her physical without an exam.

The doctor says it would be unethical of her to “Just sign off, without an actual exam”. The doctor also tells her that that their next appointment has cancelled. So if she wants to get her physical out of the way, “No time like the present” The nurse is none too happy, but figures it’ll have to be done since the doctor won’t cooperate and sign off.

“Let’s get you squared away”, says the doctor. “You know the drill, everything needs to come off including your socks. You can leave your undies on”

The nurse undresses to only her bra & panties. Before she is given an exam gown, the doctor will bring her to the scale for her height and weight. They go through the same procedure.

Once the exam is completed, the nurse gets dressed. She leaves the room to get the next patient.