Last Exam of the Day


Two female friends are called into the same exam room for a pre-employment physical exam. The nurse tells them that it’s the last appointment of the day and they will have to double up on the exam to save time. 32 min

Juliette volunteers and hops onto the exam table, while Ella sits by the side. The nurse then takes Juliette’s blood pressure, etc, and marks it down on a clipboard or a tablet. Now for her height and weight on the MD type scale. Once at the scale have the nurse tell Juliette to “Slip off her shoes/boots and socks (whichever footwear applies to her) so I can get you weighed and measured”. Please focus on patient taking off her shoes/boots and socks. Do her weight first – Juliette is facing the scale. Have her turn around for her height. Once off the scale have the nurse tell the patient to not to bother putting her shoes/boots and socks back on because she will be barefoot for her exam. (However have Juliette pick up and carry her shoes and socks back to the exam table area). Once back at the exam table, the nurse politely tells patient to “Strip down to her bra & panties” and is given an exam gown.

Now as Juliette is undressing in the background, the nurse tells Ella that it’s now her turn and to hop onto the exam table (fully dressed) and take her blood pressure, etc. and make note of it. Once Juliette is in the exam gown, she has a seat on the exam table. The nurse will now bring Ella to the scale and use same procedure for her weight and height, have her remove her shoes/boots and socks and close up on the entire body on the scale, right down to her bare feet. Patient Ella asks the nurse if she can put her shoes/boots and socks back on for now, because the exam room is “freezing” The nurse agrees on the cold exam room and Ella puts her socks and shoes/boots back on for now. And she returns back to her seat by the exam table to observe Juliette’s physical exam.

A knock on the door and the male doctor enters, introduces himself, and tells the patients “Your new employer requires a full physical exam” then he says “Let’s get started”. Normal/Routine type physical exam including using a stethoscope for breathing on back and chest, feeling around the neck area and checking her eyes and ears. A quick eye exam too. Now have patient lie on back and pull out the leg extension on the exam table. The doctor tells her the bra needs to come off for the breast exam, then an abdominal exam. He examines the patient’s arms and hands (fingers too) as well as her legs and feet (toes too). He has her sit back up. Now he has her now stand up, do an eye exam first, then has her touch her toes and examine her spine (Full view of patient front and back wearing only her panties and gown). Now the doctor has her walk across the room normal, on her toes, and then her heels with full patient views and foot views (in exam gown).

Finally, the doctor performs a quick neuro exam, hammer on the elbow and knees and scraping the soles of her feet with the handle of the reflex hammer. Patient Juliette gets dressed on camera as the doctor steps out. Once she is dressed, she asks the nurse if she can leave, but cannot because the doctor has not signed off on her physical yet, so she has to wait and be present to watch Ella’s physical exam. Now have the nurse tell Ella that “she’s up” and “Everything needs to come off including your socks, you can leave on your bra and panties “.

Ella gets undressed in this order, shoes/boots, top, pants, socks come off last. Then she puts on a fresh exam gown. The doctor knocks and re-enters the exam room to conduct the same physical exam on Ella as he did on Juliette.

When completed, Ella gets dressed. Nurse Riley gives the patients their completed paperwork, saying they passed and wishing them good luck with their new jobs.

The girls complain a little about not having their physical exams done in privacy.