Dr Casey Calvert Pinched Nose


Dr Casey Calvert is seeing patients today and her first one is Cassidy Klein, who has an issue with her sinuses. Dr Calvert pinches, squeezes and examines her nose with medical instruments. 16 min


Cassidy shows up at the Doctor’s office to see Dr Calvert. She has had problems with her nose and breathing and would like to get it taken care of. Dr Calvert examine her nose by pinching, keeping the nostrils shut, and with a nasal spectrum.

Then she looks in her mouth. Dr Calvert would test Cassidy’s lung volumes. She give Cassidy a tube in her mouth and put her a nose clamp on it and lets her breathe in it 2-4 times.

After the breathing test, Dr Calvert keep Cassidy’s right nostril shut and let her breath through the left side and then does the same with the left nostril. She puts some nose drops in her nose. Dr Calvert begins to massage Cassidy’s nose with her fingers. Cassidy feels fine after the massag. Dr Calvert explains to her how she can massage her own nose now that she feels fine to breathe. Cassidy massages her nose with her fingers