New Employee Physical Exam


Two new patients arrive at the office of Dr Serene Siren for a physical exam. Starring Charlotte Cross, Allison Rey, Olive Glass, Serene Siren. 30 min

New employees walk up the stairs together into the medical office, both were new hires for company that required a complete physical exam as a work prerequisite. They check in one at a time with the nurse. (Each patient is handed a form on a clipboard to fill out) and instructed to have a seat. The patients sit near each other and fill out the forms – they start having a conversation about how thorough the exam looks based on the forms. One patient says she is nervous about the exam. So the other patient says that she’ll go first and let her know how it went.

Nurse calls first patient by name (takes the clipboard)and leads her to the exam room. Has patient #1 sit on table and she looks over the form. Nurse will now instruct patient to undress to her panties only, socks off too (please show patient undressing on camera) – Now have the patient step over to the scale in just her panties (camera of her stepping on – then all the up and back down and a full shot of her on the scale (from a little distance please). Weight done facing the scale – then have her turn and face away for her height.

Nurse hands patient a johnny/gown and has her sit on the exam table and take her BP and pulse. The doctor will now knock and enter and conduct the physical exam checking reflexes on her elbows, knees, and soles of her feet. A breast and abdominal exam and check her hips, legs, and feet. Finally have patient stand without the gown), touch her toes, check the spine. And walk across the room on her heels and toes. Now stand on one foot then the other. She has a seat on the exam table, the doctor looks over the form – makes sure that she didn’t miss anything. All is good, tell patient to get dressed, all on camera please.

Patient #1 goes back to the waiting room and talks to patient #2 briefly which makes her more apprehensive. Nurse will now call patient #2 and take her clipboard – Patient #2 asks patient #1 to accompany her for her exam – the nurse says that is fine. Patient #1 agrees. Both are lead back to the exam room. Patient #2 has a seat on the exam table. The nurse tells patient #2 to “Take everything off including your socks, leave on your panties” Patient #2 asks why she has to undress for just a work physical. The nurse replies that the exam her new employer sent her in for requires her to be undressed. Patient #1 and the nurse now console patient #2 saying all will be ok, no big deal. Patient #1 even volunteers to help patient #2 get undressed with patient #2 accepting her offer and thanking her.

Patient #1 starts by kneeling at patient #2 (who is still sitting on the exam table) and takes off her shoes (or boots), and now slips off her socks. (Hopefully her toenails are painted) and patient #1 will compliment her on her choice of color. Place the socks inside the shoes and move them the side. Patient #2 is struggling to get her top off, so the patient #1 will assist. Take her bra off next. And finally help her take her pants off. Patient #1 will have a seat by the exam table.

Patient #2 will now head to the scale for her height and weight. (Same procedure as patient #1). And same camera views please. After, hand patient #2 a gown to put on. Nurse will take her BP and pulse. Have doctor knock and enter. Same exam as patient #1 please. Have patient #2 (now calmed down) get dressed (on camera). Patient #1 will hand clothes to patient #2. The doctor will sign the forms and hand one to each patient and wishing them luck on their new jobs. Girls leave the exam room together.