Medical Malpractice


Casey pays a visit to the doctor for a regular checkup, but Dr Wales has her own set of tests she’d like to go through. 35 min

Medical Malpractice - Casey Calvert and Mona Wales lesbian strapon fetish
Dr. Wales welcomes the patient, tells her to undress but keep her bra and underwear on. The doctor starts to examine the patient’s eyes, nose and mouth. The doctor changes latex gloves a couple of times through the scene.

Doctor asks the girl if she likes cock in her mouth. The patient replies that she has never had cock in her mouth before.

The doctor scoffs at this, and suggests the patient should open her mouth wider, so that she is ready for cock in future. The doctor then instructs the patient to take off her bra for a breast examination.

The doctor checks the patient’s normally, then weighing and groping them for longer than an examination would need. The patient is initially concerned by this, but begins to enjoy the sensation.

The doctor sucks a little on the girl’s boob and says she must check if she gets hard nipples.

Following the breast exam, the doctor instructs the patient to take off her panties and sit on the table, spread her legs. Then the doctor puts on latex gloves and examines the patient’s vagina. She says the patient has a nice pussy.

The doctor then explains she will need to use a speculum and explains how she will use it. She uses on the patient who is firstly uncomfortable but begins to enjoy the doctor’s touch. The doctor puts on a latex glove and uses saliva. Then she uses the finger into the anus.

The doctor says she needs to check one more thing – whether the patient can get wet from stimulation. The doctor starts using her own tongue on the girl’s vagina.

After a few minutes, the patient becomes incredibly aroused the doctor and patient kiss passionately. The doctor tells the girl it’s time to try sucking a cock, and that they can use the strap-on on the exam tray.

First the doctor uses the strap-on on the patient, and then vice versa. At the end, the doctor looks at the patient and says ‘Same time next week?’