Spandex Tickling Maggie Green


Maggie Green is about to divorce you and she couldn't be happier, bustin' a move while looking at the divorce papers. She can't wait to be rid of you! Suddenly, she turns around and notices you standing there watching her dance. She wants to know what's up with the feather duster…. 15 min


Spandex and tickling fetish scene starring Maggie Green. You enter the house and find Maggie in the kitchen. She is listening to some music and shaking her butt to the rhythm but doesn’t notice you. She’s happily looking over some documents on the kitchen counter and just dancing/lip syncing along to it in a playful manner. Of course the shirt doesn’t come close to covering her spandex wearing back side, quite the opposite, it shows in all its shiny glory. After a couple of minutes she turns around and notices you.

She wants to talk. She goes on and on about how she doesn’t think your marriage is working any longer and she really wants a divorce. She says she has made a mistake re-marrying so soon after her divorce and going with someone as young as you as a replacement. She then turns around to get the divorce papers she has had drawn up by her attorney. While she is looking over them she doesn’t notice you sneaking up on her. You take her hands and begin to tie them behind her back.

Maggie is standing with her back to you, her hands tied. She wiggles her purple spandex butt left to right a few times as if trying to escape, but to no avail. She turns around and asks what you what it is that you are up to, and she kind of likes it… You then produce a feather duster which she curiously regards. She asks what it’s for and you begin to tickle her breasts, lightly brushing her cleavage. She remarks how much this tickles as you do this for awhile, then lightly brush between her legs in her clit area with the duster. Because she has on no underwear beneath the spandex, she is extra sensitive to this and giggles even moreso. Then you stop and looks at her. She asks what you’re thinking and claims she knows that look and it means you’re planning something special. And she is in store for something special…