Sasha Heart vs The Tickle Robber


Sasha Heart is returning home from horseback riding but a robber is waiting for her. He grabs her and takes her to the bedroom where she is bound and her feet tickled mercilessly with a feather. 22 min

A beautiful, rich, woman is coming home after horseback riding. She wears black rubber riding boots, riding trousers and a white blouse. A robber has broken into her home and is hiding in Sasha’s kitchen waiting for her. He’s tried to find the money without success.

She arrives home, the robber grabs her and demands to know where the money is. She refuses to tell him and tries to scream for help but he covers her mouth with his hand and carries her to the bedroom.

Sasha is tied to the bed and struggling to break free. He has gagged her and bound her hands and knees with rope. He removes her boots and socks and then ties her feet to the bed.

He pulls the gag out of her mouth and asks her again where the money is. She again refuses to say and tries to scream for help, so he puts the gag back in.

He begins to tickle torture her soles with a feather….eventually using fingers too…going from heels to toes and toes to heels, over and over again. Including some toe sucking and licking of the soles of her feet, throughout. Sasha begs for mercy, laughing hysterically through the gag. She continues to struggle to break free but it is of no use.

After several minutes of foot tickle torture, she still will not reveal where the money is so he decides to kick it up a notch to break her.

He hogties her on the bed and licks the soles of her feet and sucks her toes intensely. She breaks and reveals where the money is. He stops his torture and leaves with the money.