Judge Doom Stuck in Rat Glue


Cassidy Klein stars as Judge Doom, a character from the film “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”. She's snooping around a secret government warehouse and gets stuck in rat glue. Suddenly a steamroller comes barreling toward her. Using her superhuman strength, she stops the barrel but becomes stuck to that too. Evil plan foiled again! 12 min

Judge Doom gets her fist stuck in a Rat glue can and struggles to free herself. Suddenly, she hears a steamroller approaching, headed right for her. She finally frees her hand in the nick of time and uses her Super Villain strength to punch the steamroller and stop it. She becomes stuck to the steamroller and struggles some more to unstick herself. In the meantime, the tipped over rat glue can has created a puddle of glue around her. She steps her right foot in a loss of balance, right into the puddle of glue.

Without realizing that, she lifts the glued foot and sticks it right next to the glued fist on the roller to use it as a lever. Now her foot and hands are stuck to the steamroller. She slips her standing heel off for better balance and slips her foot out of stuck heels. Using her bare foot as a lever, she gets her other foot stuck in the glue.

After a little struggle she frees her fist, but her foot remains stuck. While stuck she struggles with high arches and toe spreads all over the scene. She finally frees her foot only to step with both feet in the puddle……