Mob Boss Shirt Grab


A ruthless Mob Boss comes to collect on a fed-up bar owner. 8 min

The Bar owner is getting ready to close the bar. It’s been a long and slow day, so she can’t wait to get out of her uniform and go back home. She is busy cleaning up the place when she hears the door open and close.

The Bar owner (still focusing on the cleaning): “Sorry, but we’re closing.”

When she hears that the person who just came in starts walking closer to the bar counter, she starts turning around to face this unknown visitor.

The Owner: “Didn’t you hear, we’re closing. You can come back tomor…”

The Owner stops in the middle of her sentence when she sees that the visitor is none other than the local Mob boss. She has been collecting protection money from her for a long time and her monthly payment is due. The Owner apologizes and asks, if there is something the Mob boss wants…a drink perhaps. The Mob boss lets out a little laugh

Mob boss: “You know why I’m here…pay up!”

The Owner starts desperately to explain how it’s been a slow month, but she promises that she’ll have the money in four weeks. The Mob boss reaches over the counter. She grabs the Owner tightly by the knot of her tie and pulls her closer to her. The Owners eyes fill with fear.

Mob boss: “It’s been a while since I’ve been able to give a good beatdown, so I’m kinda glad you don’t have the money.”

The Mob boss winds her fist back, ready to punch the Owner, who quickly starts pleading.

The Owner: “N-no, p-please…I think I have some money saved up…I-I can give it to you, right now.”

The Mob boss tightens her grip from the Owners tie and pulls her just inches away from her face. She lets the Owner know that she better not try anything stupid…or she will suffer the consequences. She lets go of the Owners tie, who quickly goes to get the money. She returns with a wad of cash and hands it over to the Mob boss.

The Mob boss starts silently counting the money while the Owner explains that she doesn’t have anymore money right now. The Mob boss isn’t happy with this. She reaches over the counter again and grabs the Owner by the front of her shirt with one hand and pulls her over the counter.

Mob boss (angrily): “You will have the rest of the money tomorrow, bitch! Or else there will be hell to pay…(pulls the owner closer) GOT IT!

The Mob boss lets go of the Owners shirt and starts walking away, but the Owner goes after her. She drops on her knees before the mob boss and starts begging for more time. There’s no way she could get the rest of the money in 24 hours. The Mob boss reaches down and grabs the Owner by the front of her shirt, with one hand and pulls her back on her feet.

Mob boss: “Listen carefully…I’ll be back tomorrow. Same time, same place…and you better have the money. I don’t care how you get it. Sell that pretty little ass of yours in a street corner for all I care (Mob boss slaps the Owners ass). But you will have my money.

The Mob boss releases her grip from the owners shirt and leaves the bar.

Part 2
The Mob boss walks in the bar. She sees the Owner behind the counter. She walks to the counter and sits on a bar stool.

Mob boss (with a smug smile on her face): “So, you have my money?”

The Owner: “Sure…I have it right here!”

The Owner punches the Mob boss across her face, sending her flying to the ground. The Mob boss lets out a little laugh as she’s rubbing her aching chin…the Owner’s made her final mistake.

As the Mob boss begins to get up from the ground the Owner appears suddenly next to her, puts her foot on top of the Mob bosses chest and pushes her back against the ground.

The Mob boss starts to threaten the Owner, but she is quickly stopped as she realizes that the Owner has a weapon. It’s time for the Mob boss to plead for her life.

Mob boss: “H-hey…just take it easy okay. You win…y-you can pay the rest of the money whenever it suits you…okay?”

The Owner reaches down and grabs The Mob boss by the front of her shirt (just to make sure, if the Mob boss is wearing the black blazer, I still want that the Owner grabs her by the shirt…not the blazer) and forcefully pulls her back on her feet. Still holding the Mob boss by her shirtfront, she drags her across the room and slams her against a wall The Owner lets go of the Mob bosses shirt.

The Owner: “What was that…I couldn’t quite hear you?!”

The Mob boss: “(she gulps loudly) I-I said that you can pay whenever it suits you.”

The Owner knees the Mob boss on her crotch, who falls down on her knees, moaning in pain. The Owner grabs the Mob boss tightly by the knot of her necktie and slowly lifts her back on her feet.

The Owner: “That’s so nice of you, but I was thinking that I shouldn’t pay you anything from now on?”

The owner, still holding the Mob boss by her tie, pulls her violently towards her and knees her in her stomach. She releases her grip from the tie and lets the Mob boss fall to the ground, writhing in pain. The owner continues to dominate and beat the Mob boss for awhile. Lots of grabbing and dragging by the shirt or by the necktie. At the end of the beatdown the Owner puts the Mob boss in a chokehold and keeps her there till she passes out.

Part 3
The Mob boss is slowly waking up. She notices that she can’t move her hands. The Owner has used her own necktie to tie the Mob bosses hands behind her back (to clarify: The Owner has used her tie to tie the hands. The Mob boss is still wearing her tie. Also, her hands are not tied to the chair, they are just tied behind her back). The Mob boss looks around her…it looks like she’s still in the bar. She is seated in a chair. In front of her is a table and on the other side of that table is another chair, empty at the moment. The Owner walks in.

The Owner: “Oh, you’re finally awake. Enjoying yourself? You should be, because these will be the last moments you will spend as a free woman. You’ll be rotting in a prison soon…for the rest of your miserable life.”

The Owner (she grabs the Mob boss gently by her necktie, and starts to play with it): “The cops will be here soon, but since we have a few minutes here, with just the two of us, I thought…hey, why not have some fun while waiting. (with a sickening smile on her face she tightens her grip from the necktie and pulls the Mob boss closer) So, does that sound good to you?”

The Owner releases her grip from the necktie.

The Owner: “Oh, and by the way, this… fake.”

The Mob boss starts laughing. The Owner is curious and wants to know what is so funny. The Mob boss tells her to lean in closer and she’ll tell her. The Owner does so.

The Mob boss (whispering in the Owners ear): “You really suck at tying knots.”

All of a sudden The Mob boss rips her arms free, grabs the Owner by the back of her head and slams her head against the table. She reaches over the table and grabs the owner by the front of her shirt, with one hand. She pulls her up from her chair, halfway across the table. The owner is not smiling anymore…her eyes are filled with fear as she realizes what has happened. Still holding the Owner by her shirt, she pulls her all the way across the table and throws her to the ground. The Owner gets back on her feet and rushes for the door. She opens it and tries to leave, but The Mob boss reaches out and grabs her by the back of her hair, pulling her back inside and throws her across the room, against a table. The Mob boss walks to the Owner and grabs her by the throat, pushing her against the top of the table.

The Mob boss: “Leaving so soon? I thought you wanted us to have some fun!”

The Mob boss releases her grip from the Owners throat and grabs her by the front of her shirt instead, pulling her back to her feet. She gives her a couple of good punches across her face and finishes it all off with a devastating kick to the groin. The Owner falls slowly on her knees, moaning in pain. Mob boss grabs her by the front of her shirt, lifting her back up to her feet.

The Mob boss: “Unfortunately the cops might get here any minute now, so we better finish this in a different location, what do you think?”

The Owner: “N-no…p-please stop.”

The Mob boss: “Let’s go, bitch!”

The Mob boss starts to slowly drag the Owner by her shirt across the bar, all the way to the front door. She opens the door and walks out, dragging the Owner with her.