Kendra James Bound Hands


Kendra is caught sneaking around a house and gets tied up. Very specific attention paid to the hands. 41 min

Kendra is sneaking through a building, investigating several drawers, bookshelves, and so on (close-up of her hands). She is surprised when the office owner (represented by the camera) comes back. She tries to explain what she is doing there, with no success. When she notices that a gun is pointed at her, and she puts up her hands (close-up).

She is forced to pull a chair slowly into the middle of the room. Then she is forced to sit opposite on the chair and to cross her hands behind her back. She says that she will make to trouble, there is no need to tie her up. No success.

The camera zooms to her hands until they are shown in a big close-up.

Kendra sits opposite on the chair. She has her wrists tied crossed behind her back, and the wrists are also tied to the waist.

Kendra is lying on a table. Her wrists are tied with the PALMS to the OUTSIDE. Make sure that an additional wrap makes the ties tight. Her hands are tied to the waist. Please tie the feet also to the waist, not to the hands. Please let the feet be crossed.

Kendra must have the wrists tied crossed behind the backrest.

60% of the time BIG CLOSE-UPS of the PALMS of Kendra’s HANDS.