Jungle Slave in the City


Cassidy Klein is a roommate's worst nightmare. She's messy and rude and eating all of Casey Calvert's food. Casey decides to teach her a lesson. 18 min

“Devolved and Dominated”

The video starts out with an establishing shot of the apartment. The place is a complete mess. There are clothes and other random things scattered all over the floor. Shelves are dusty, the floor has stains and dirt. There are glasses and cups from days ago that are left where they were last used. Everything in sight is disorganized and all over the place.

The camera then pans to Ayla sitting on the couch. She is currently typing a paper up on her laptop while being surrounded with books. Loana enters the apartment, visibly exhausted from her day at work. Her look of exhaustion quickly turns to frustration as she sees the apartment in its condition.

Ayla is on the couch doing her paper while eating the chips that Loana bought for herself. Loana rolls her eyes and sighs in disgust.

Ayla: “Hey there. Back so soon?”

Loana: “Yeah…it was only a 10-hour shift dealing with every idiot and asshole on the planet. No big deal.”

Ayla: “Oh, that’s too bad. Guess that’s what people deal with when they don’t have an
education beyond high school.”

The camera closes on Loana. She is visibly frustrated from Ayla’s snobby attitude and contempt for her well-being. Loana then walks to the counter and starts to put her stuff down. As she is unwinding she remembers that she picked up a swinging pocket watch with the power to hypnotize people. Loana stares at it while holding it in her hand and then slowly turns her head to Ayla on the couch.

She starts to walk to her room, only to step on something. She looks down and sees a raggedy looking piece of clothing. Loana picks it up and realizes that it is the bikini bottom of her cavewoman costume; all dirty and tattered up. Loana’s furiousness starts to build as she approaches Ayla on the couch.

Loana: “What the fuck is this?” as Loana holds it up in front of Ayla’s face, like it’s a dead rat.

Ayla: “That disgusting thing? The floor of my room was dirty and grimey and I needed something to clean it up.” says Ayla as she barely looks up at her laptop, acting dismissive.

Loana: “So you use part of my Halloween costume!? What the fuck, I have a costume party to go to this weekend, what the fuck am I gonna wear!?”

Ayla: “You still have the other half of the costume.”

Loana: “What am I, gonna only wear the top and have my ass showing? And why are you only cleaning your room and not the rest of the apartment? Why am I always doing all the cleaning around here?”

Ayla: “Because I have my PhD in Paleontology that I’m working towards, unlike some people.”

Loana: “What the fuck does that even mean? Cause I don’t go to school you think I’m automatically the maid around here? I didn’t come from a rich family. You’re not evening paying for your education, your parents are.”

Ayla: “Well, I guess not everyone gets as lucky, haha.”

Loana walks away from Ayla as she continues to type up her paper on the couch. Loana swiftly grabs the swinging pocket watch and stands in front of Ayla. Loana puts the watch close to Ayla’s face and starts to slowly swing it left and right.

Ayla: “What are you doing?”

Loana doesn’t say anything and just continues to swing the watch back and forth in front of Ayla.

Ayla: “Hahaha, are you seriously hypnotizing me? You really think that shit works?”

As Loana continues to swing the watch, Ayla’s eyes start to get heavy. Her mouth stays open in awe. Her mind starts to get numb as the hypnosis starts to work.

Loana: “If you’re not going to clean this apartment, I will make you.”

Ayla: “Get real, Loana. You’re not…going……..to………..hypnotize………..me………..”

Loana continues to swing the watch in front of Ayla. After a few seconds, Ayla officially becomes hypnotized as she stares blankly with her mouth halfway open.

Ayla: “I am now under your control.” Says Ayla in a calm monotone voice.

Loana: “Damn right you are. Now stand up.”

As Ayla stands up, Loana realizes that Ayla is also wearing some of Loana’s clothes. A frustrated and stern Loana gets up close to Ayla to make her commands clear.

Loana: “So here’s what we’re gonna do. You’re gonna make this apartment spotless. But before you do that, at the snap of my finger, you’re going to go into your room and change into this and ONLY this.”

Loana holds up the dirty tattered loincloth part of her costume that Ayla destroyed.

Loana: “You’re going to clean wearing your own mess. Got it?”

Ayla: “Yes, master.”

Loana snaps her finger in front of Ayla’s face. Ayla takes the loincloth and walks like a zombie to her room. The camera fades out as she is entering her room.

The camera then fades back in as Ayla exits her room and into the main part of the apartment. The camera shows an overall profile of Ayla’s body as she stands there hypnotized.

Her overall appearance is dramatically changed. Her only piece of clothing is the dirty, tattered up loincloth from Loana’s costume. She has dirt smeared all over her face and body. She is sweaty and overall unkempt. She looks completely abysmal, as if she has been living in the wild
for months.

Ayla: “Me Ayla, me cavewoman. Be good slave for master.” says Ayla as she pounds her chest and hunches down a bit.

Loana was surprised with how far the transformation went. Loana initially thought the watch would simply hypnotize Ayla into getting her chores finished. But the hypnosis along with putting on that loincloth tapped deep into a kinky part of Ayla’s psyche. Ayla truly believed she was a primitive jungle girl who was captured by her enemy and made a slave.

Ayla walked towards Loana and stood in front of her, front and center. Ayla then got on her knees and started bowing down in front of Loana.

Ayla: “Me once hunter warrior. But now defeated and slave to master.”

Loana: “Oh yeah? What happened to you going to school and getting your PhD in Paleontology?

Ayla: “School what that? Me no school palentogy, me be slave. Please master.”

Ayla continued to bow down in front of Loana. Loana tries to hold in her laugh with how Ayla pronounced paleontology, but quickly composed herself with a stern, drill sergeant mentality.

Loana: “Well, then get the fuck up and start cleaning!”

Loana lightly kicks Ayla while she’s bowing down to her and Ayla falls on her back. The look of petrified fear on her face while on her back motivates her to scramble finding a broom to start sweeping. She finally looks for a broom after bumbling around worriedly like an ape.

When she grabs the broom, she stares at it scratching her head. Ayla’s brain has become so devolved that she isn’t entirely sure if it’s a broom.

Loana: “Don’t just fucking hold it and look at it, get to work!”

Ayla: “Y-yes master. Me clean me clean.”

Ayla starts to frantically sweep the floor. She sweeps for about a minute until Loana starts yelling at her again for doing an incompetent job.

Loana: “No no stupid. You’re just moving the dirt around, you’re supposed to sweep it into a dustpan.”

Ayla: “B-but master. Me no find dustpan, no have no have.”

It takes Loana literally 2 seconds to find one in plain sight. Loana picks it up and throws it at Ayla, with Ayla flinching as it is being thrown at her. Ayla then quickly picks it up and starts using it, but she still works incompetently.

Loana: “You stupid bitch, you’re not even sweeping it all into the dustpan. God, can’t you do anything right?”

Loana leaves for a second and comes back with a whip. She starts to whip Ayla for her incompetence.

Loana: “You fucking bitch, you’d think a stupid primate would know how to sweep a goddamn floor. You know what, that’s your name now. Bitch. You’re name is Bitch.”

Ayla: “But master, me Ayla.“ Loana quickly interrupts her with a few more whips.

Loana: “No, your name is Bitch. Got it? Bitch!”

To get Loana to stop whipping her, Ayla gets on her knees and starts bowing up and down again to stop the whipping.

Ayla: “Me no more Ayla, me no more Ayla. Me Bitch me Bitch. Ayla now Bitch.”

Loana stops the whipping Ayla and looks down on her in a sinister way. Ayla tries to continue to talk her way out of any punishment. Ayla stays bowed down and kisses Loana’s feet to please her.

Ayla: “Master, please. Me no Ayla, me Bitch. Bitch bow down. Bitch defeated and now slave.

Bitch no longer hunter warrior. Bitch surrender and be good slave to master.”

Loana: “That’s what I thought.” says Loana as she gazes down at Ayla with a dominating grin.

The scene fades out with the camera panning out to Ayla bowing down to Loana. The camera then fades in to later that day. The hypnosis under Ayla has gotten so deep that she is losing her humanity more and more by the hour. Ayla now can barely form a coherent sentence. She is now walking more crouched like a monkey, pounding her chest occasionally, making grunting ape noises. She and her loincloth are dirtier and nastier than ever due to
working nonstop. Ayla’s humanity has become so devolved that she is now wearing a collar and leash that’s being held by Loana. As Loana is holding Ayla by the leash, Ayla is crouching down scrubbing the floor with a sponge and bucket of water, scrubbing of any dirt or grime.

Loana stares down at her with the whip in her other hand.

Loana: “Can you scrub any slower, Bitch.”

Ayla: “M-m-me work faster, ooga booga, work work, ooga booga.”

Loana: “Alright Bitch, let’s get moving faster here. I’m going out later tonight and I want this place spotless before I leave.”

Loana puts the whip and leash down for a second to make sure she has her keys in her pocket so she will be ready on time. She feels her pockets only to feel that they aren’t there. She becomes furious.

Loana: “Where the fuck are my keys!?” Loana’s yell frightens Ayla to where she falls on her back. Ayla is covering her face to protect herself from any whipping.

Ayla: “Oooogaa Ooogga me no keys, *grunts* *groans*” Ayla tries to tell Loana that she does not have them but her current condition makes her unable to tell her.

Loana: “You have it, don’t you. If it wasn’t for stupid monkeys like you, there would be no thievery in this world, huh. Get the fuck up off the ground!”

Loana grabs Ayla’s leash to get her on her feet while whipping her.

Loana: “Stand up straight, Bitch. Put your hands up in the air. If you’re trying to fuck with my stuff you’ll pay dearly for it.”

Ayla puts her hands straight up in the air as if she is surrendering in battle. Loana pats her down as if she is being arrested. As Loana is examining her up and down, she teases her a bit by tickling her underneath her armpits and breasts. Ayla laughs from the tickling like a monkey and puts her arms down a bit as a natural reflex from the tickling.

Loana: “Oh, you like that, huh. Well I didn’t say to put your hands down, put them back the fuck up!”

Loana continues to examine Ayla’s body and looks into her loincloth to see if she was hiding anything in there, only to find nothing and be repulsed by her hygiene.

Loana: “God dammit, Bitch. Why do you smell like shit so much. You’re a fucking mess. I just don’t understand how stupid and slow you can be for such simple tasks. I swear to god if you’re hiding them somewhere else, you will pay dearly for it.”

As Loana goes onto berate and threaten Ayla for her incompetence and attempted thievery, Ayla stands there mortified with how frightening and intimidating Loana has become.

As she stands there with her hands still up in the air, she starts to hear a liquid streaming sound. The camera cuts to the lower half of her body. She is peeing her loincloth. Ayla looks down in complete embarrassment as her fear caused her to lose her bowels. Loana stops herself mid rant and looks down to see what exactly is happening and her furiosity starts up all over again.

Loana: “You gotta be shitting me, you stupid fuck! Now you’re making more of a mess than cleaning it!”

Loana grabs the bucket of water that Ayla was using to scrub the floor and splashes the entire thing on Ayla, covering her in all of dirt, grime, mud, whatever clumpy gunk was in there that Ayla scrubbed up.

Loana: “Like I said before, Bitch. You’re gonna clean wearing your own mess.”

Ayla examines herself covered in all the shit that got thrown on her, on top of her overall dirtiness. Knowing she is under pressure more than ever to obey Loana, she once again gets on her knees and bows down in front of Loana; this time bowing in the spot where all the shit from the bucket was dumped as well as her piss spot. She forces her brain to focus more so she makes a coherent sentence.

Ayla: “Me Bitch, me be good slave for master. Me surrender, work real hard now.”

Loana looks down on Ayla, still pissed but a little more satisfied at her obedience.

Loana: “That’s a good Bitch. Now get going!”

Ayla gets back on her knees and goes back to scrubbing. Loana realizes that her keys were just on the counter with everything else she put down, but doesn’t bother to apologize about it. Loana grabs Ayla’s leash and whip and goes back to whipping Ayla to work faster.

The camera fades out and then fades in to an establishing shot of the apartment spotless with Loana leaving to go out. As Loana exits the door, the camera then pans over to the side.

It’s Ayla, still in her hypnosis, with her leash tied to the furnace so she cannot escape or cause any mess. Ayla is now the only mess in the apartment.

The camera then fades out with Ayla still making grunts and pounding her chest, as she says to herself “Me Bitch. Me Bitch.”