Mesmerize Sara Luvv


Sara Luvv is an aspiring model, checking into an agency that promises her big things. But when she meets the mysterious agent, she is led on a mind control journey she never expected. 38 min


Custom Mesmerize video starring Sara Luvv.

Sara has just arrived home from her interview at the modeling agency. She enters her bedroom and puts her bag down on her bed. She gets her phone and cigarettes out and starts smoking while calling a friend.

Sara tells her friend she just got back from the modeling agency and she’s decided not to sign with them. She says they wanted her to do custom adult work but she told them she’s not interested. She tells her friend that they tried to get her to do a medical exam with them but it just didn’t feel right as some of the girls there looked a little out of it.

Sara gets a call from the agency, saying they’d misunderstood each other and they’re going to email her a list a jobs they think would suit her.

She starts looking at the email on her laptop which is actually a video of a hypnotizing spiral. Sara starts to question what they’ve sent but her voice slowly trails off and she lays there staring at the screen. She is mesmerized by the spinning graphic.

Sara, now in a trance, picks up her phone and calls the agency. She tells them she has watched the mesmerize video and says that her door is unlocked. She then hangs up and continues laying there staring at the screen.

Soon, the employee from the agency arrives and finds Sara laying on her bed still staring at the screen…. drooling. She waves her hand in front of Sara’s face with no response. She asks is Sara can hear her. “Yes…” The agent then tells Sara that she is under the agents control. “I am under your control” Sara says.

Sara then follows a series of commands the agent gives her, as if the agent wants to make sure she is fully under her control. It’s clear that she has become a mindless slave.

Sara is told that she has been hypnotized and every time she obeys it’ll make her feel so good. She is told that she needs to forget what happened today and, in fact, she does want to join the agency and will do anything they ask.

She agrees and is then made to do a striptease for the agent. The agent toys with her and clicks her in and out of trance while she is undressing, confusing Sara, who is totally under the agents control. Every time the agent wakes her, she is disoriented and confused. Every time she is clicked back into trance, she falls deeper and deeper under the spell.

The agent explains to Sara that when she wakes up, Sara will think she invited the agent over to discuss working for the modeling agency and is in her underwear to show off her body to the agent. They engage in small talk while Sara smokes.

Eventually, Sara is talked into modeling nude for them and then even talked into doing hardcore sex scenes, even though she expressed reservations against that. It seems that the agents evil plan is working.

The agent tells Sara to call her friend and let her know the good news that Sara is now modeling for the agency. The agent tells her that she will become very horny when she’s telling her friend this information.

Sara calls her friend. She tells her she’s changed her mind and cant wait to work for the agency. As she talks she starts touching her self on top of her underwear. She starts to passionately rub and touch herself and has to hang up, after a while she’s told to sleep and instantly goes out.

The agent tells Sara that when she wakes she’ll release her inner slut and feel an uncontrollable urge to masturbate. She’ll not be able to stop until she cums.

Sara wakes and masturbates passionately. On a few occasions the agent clicks Sara in and out of her trance to toy with her. She’s then snapped out of it normally and continues masturbating.

Sara cums and then she’s put to sleep and told she’ll forget everything that has happened apart from her instructions. She’ll wake from her trance feeling happy and refreshed.