Charlotte Cross Ruined Dinner Party


Charlotte has planned a huge dinner party – for just you and her! Chinese food, fast food, fruit and dessert are on the menu today but it’s not going to be eaten…It’s getting stuffed into Charlotte’s clear high heels like a slimy food shoe!  25 min

Charlotte has laid out a buffet consisting of 3 parties – A full Chinese takeaway meal with chow mein, eggrolls and broccoli. A few fast food hamburgers and fries. Assorted fruit, cupcakes and other desserts. In the middle of the table lay her shoes – clear high heels.

Charlotte walks to the table, circles it and climbs on it, barefoot in just panties and a bra. She teases you with the food and puts on her shoes. She goes from one “party” to another playing with the food in a sexual say. She stuffs noodles, eggrolls and broccoli into her heels and slides her feet back into it, squishing it all between her toes. She smashes hamburgers under her heels and rubs them all over herself. She squeezes watermelon juice down her chest and stuffs pie into her shoes.

Charlotte is erotic and dominant as she plays with the buffet.

When everything is mixed up, she decides which party was her favorite.