Casey Calvert The Piano


Casey Calvert has written a special piano number just for you and plays it with her feet.

A beautiful woman wearing sexy lingerie and high heels is leaning on the high-note side of the piano, talking to her boyfriend on her cell phone.

The woman then eyes the piano keys seductively. She reaches to press the lowest note, holds it for a bit, then she pulls her finger through the all the white keys (glissando), giggling as she hits that last note. She tinkers with the piano keys while continuing her conversation.

The woman places her cell phone on top of the piano. As she sits on the bench, she begins her piece by leaning her back and elbows on the keys, and she slowly and gently caresses her smooth bare calves with her shoes. Meanwhile, she intermittently presses the keys with her elbows, arms, and/or hands, emoting the comfort she feels below through her notes. She briefly massages her upper body and plays with her bra one hand at a time.

Afterwards, the woman turns toward the piano, kneels on the bench, and looks gleefully at her feet as she rocks and wags them behind her. She plays the piano reading the notes on her toes. She takes a moment to clench the heels of her shoes as well as her butt cheeks.

The woman sits on top of the piano and tramples the keyboard with her shoes for a while, producing richer sounds underneath her soles and heels. Keeping her feet on the keys, she then slides her hands down her legs to her feet to caress them. Her fingers play adjacent keys as she runs her fingers up and down her feet. Afterwards, she removes her shoes. She takes at least one and runs it up her body. Then, she sets her shoes aside.

The woman lies down and rubs her now bare feet against each other and throughout her legs. With rich harmonies resounding from her lower body, she makes but sparse melodies with her one hanging hand on the piano keys.

The woman sits back up and rests her bare heels on the keys. She runs her hands down to her feet and runs her fingers through her toes. She then plays the keys with her hands for a short bit. Afterwards, she lets her fingers play her entire body, and she lets her bare feet reflect her hand’s actions all over the keyboard. This is where the musician shines. As her hands revel in the usual sensation of her silky skin and smooth fabric, her feet envelop themselves in the touch of ivory, stepping, smudging, and gliding through the keys, making the piano sing the beauty of her body. She concludes this with her hands joining her feet at the keys to make some last resounding chords – the piano swells with sweet noise.

Feeling she accomplished her task, the woman rewards her feet with a good massage as she brings one foot on top of the piano and works on it. All the while, she’s twisting her other foot on the keys to the rhythm of the massage, still feeling the music. As she brings the other foot up and massages it, the heel rubs against her panties, and she finds this rather pleasant. She is finished with the massage, but she then continues to rub her heel some more in her vagina before putting it back down.

The woman grabs one of her shoes to put it back on, but as she looks at it, she has the urge to rub it against her bra before she slides it down to her panties. She spreads her legs, and, with panties still on, she briefly masturbates with her shoe, alternating between digging her heel into her vaginal area rubbing it with her sole, before sliding the shoe down to her foot and finally wearing it. She takes the other shoe and ends up masturbating the same way with that as well, this time a little longer. She occasionally adjusts her feet to get some sounds out of the piano. She begins to breathe a little heavier but refrains from moaning. She then lightly tugs at her panty strings with the heel before sliding that shoe down and wearing it. Finally, she climbs down from the piano.

The woman sits on the bench with her back leaning on the piano, unable to shake that last feeling off. Making herself comfortable, she finds herself rubbing her panties with her left hand. She catches herself, but she doesn’t resist, and soon she digs her hand inside her panties. She breathes heavily again, and she starts making low moans. She’s about to lose herself into the rhythm when she leans back on the keys emitting a sound and distracting her. Working with that idea, she uses her free right hand to play the piano, walking her fingers up and down the keys. After a good moment, the distraction works. She pulls her hand out of her panties and wraps her left arm behind her head as she stares at her right hand playing away.

However, as she turns her gaze away from the keys, the temptation re-emerges as her right fingers roam back to her body and inside her panties. She doesn’t realize her actions until she starts panting and moaning again. She takes her left hand from behind her head and walks through the keys just as before. It’s not working as well this time as she still tends to look down at her right hand as she moves it a little more vigorously.

Determined to save it for her boyfriend later, she resorts to palming the keyboard with that left hand. The dissonant cacophony of messy chords snap her out of it as she pulls her right hand free. Making sure to dispel any more temptations, she slumps both arms on the keyboard to end it on an obnoxious note. She exhales out of relief and then stands up.

The woman picks up her phone and notices, to her amazement, she’s still on the call.

As the woman holds the phone with the left hand and puts it over her mouth to whisper, she takes her right hand to press the highest note. In a medium pace, she runs her fingers (glissando) down through the high octaves then walks her fingers down the black and white keys through the rest, slightly slowing the pace as she goes lower. On the last octave or so, she hits every note (chromatic) on the way down at a slow pace by then, sustaining the last note. It’s her modern take on the phrase, “Going down.”