Twinkle Toes Juliette and Casey


Juliette has a fetish for feet and tickling them. When she gets home one evening, her roommate is asleep on the couch, dreaming of dancing as her toes wiggle and dance in her sleep. Juliette can't resist! 17 min

Casey is asleep on the couch, her feet are sticking out at the end, and they are on top of the arm rest. So her feet are in a very prominent position where they would be noticed right away. Her toes are pointed to the ceiling, and her feet are side by side (not crossed).

Casey is dreaming about dancing so her toes are very restless – they keep wiggling, twitching, and pointing by themselves. Casey’s friend (Bailey) has a huge foot fetish, she walks into the room and sees Casey sleeping that way.

She starts playing with Cassidy’s feet, and also playing control games with Cassidy’s toes. For example, she would push Cassidy’s toes a few times to make them start wiggling, and hold them still to make them stop. And she does this whenever she wants to make her toes start wiggling or stop wiggling.

She also makes Cassidy’s toes follow her voice commands unconsciously, like she would say “wiggle your toes”, and “wiggle faster”, and “point your toes”. When she says point your toes, Casey would unconsciously point her toes like a ballet dancer.

Casey would also be “dreaming” about music in her mind, so her toes are wiggling to the beat of the music she’s dreaming, while her friend stares, plays, and sniffs her feet.

During the last 5 to 8 minutes of the video, her friend would also rub her pussy on Casey’s feet because she’s so turned on, and the entire time Casey’s toes would be restless, they would be wiggling and twitching a lot.

Even though the video shows Casey is asleep, it’s almost like she knows her friend is rubbing her pussy on her feet, and she’s wiggling and twitching her toes like this on purpose.

Please move the camera around to capture different angles of Casey’s feet (mostly the tops of her feet so the toenail polish is visible), and also point the camera at Casey’s face once in a while to show she is asleep, but her eyeballs are moving around so she is in dreaming and in “REM sleep”.