The Shoe Cum Killer


Sexy Detective Casey Calvert is caught up in a big case but a dirty cop sends her down a rabbit hole of sexual confusion. 39 min

Casey Calvert blowbang The Shoe Cum Killer
Casey receives a call from a (bad) cop about a new lead in a case she is working on which will lead her to an abandoned warehouse. When she arrives she meets up with the cop who explains the situation. They both go inside the warehouse and have a look around.

As Casey walks into a room full of mannequins the cop slows down and trails off into the background with an evil grin on his/her face. It is a setup. Casey realizes she is alone and calls out for the cop but gets no response. She continues to investigate the room taking a close look at the mannequins.

The mannequins come to life taking Casey by surprise. They proceed to have their way with her putting her in all sorts of flexible positions involving the splits. They force her to give handjobs and blowjobs throughout. They also rub their cocks all over her shoes and also lick her shoes throughout – they are absolutely obsessed by them.

The bad cop joins in later on and at some point they have Casey blowing all the cocks in various positions including one where she has a cock in her mouth and one in either hand with her legs out wide in the splits.

After the sex they do huge loads of cumshots all over her wristwatch, shoes and face. Her shoes and watch need to be drenched in it.

The scene ends with her strung up naked (except for her shoes and watch) like a puppet with one leg tied in the air in a standing split and both arms strung up either side of her. You can see cum dripping out of the shoes. Casey is in an emotionless state