Footsie 2


India Summer and Aidra Fox return to their foot worship ways in Footsie 2. 86 min

Aidra Fox and India Summer star in the foot fetish film Footsie 2
Aidra and India are ‘at odds’ at the start, with Aidra disliking India and India disliking Aidra. India notices that despite Aidra’s dislike, she shows interest in India’s feet.

India attempts to lure Aidra into loving her feet.

India confronts Aidra, who is disgusted, denies and at one point was salivating for her Bare feet. India shows her the areas of her bare feet and even does a foot come on.

After all else fails, India mesmerizes Aidra into worshipping her feet

India lays back on the couch, and Aidra worships her feet, equal time spent on each foot

Then India makes Aidra lie back, and India worships Aidra’s feet

India then snaps Aidra out of her daze, telling her what happened

Aidra doesn’t believe it, and denies she had any interest in India’s feet, but then breaks down realizing that she does like India’s feet.

India says it’s ok, and lays back on the couch.

After alluring talk by India, Aidra then devours India’s feet.

Unable to restrain themselves, they have sex.