The Gunge Sock Girls


Two gorgeous girls arrive home after a night out and decide to fill up the tub with slime. 43 min

Two extremely hot girls were out having drinks, Charlotte suggests going back to her house for some further entertainment.

They get back to her place and hang out on the patio, talking about what pleasures them the most and what they would think about being dominated by another woman.

Suddenly, Charlotte jumps down beside Ella and slowly starts caressing her thigh and kissing her on the cheek. She doesn’t know what is going on, but as Charlotte keeps kissing her, Ella begins rubbing her chest and legs and kissing her body. Ella finally gives in and confesses that she has been imagining this moment for a long time and is insanely horny, telling her that she can do whatever she wants to her.

Charlotte strips Ella. She is working on taking her boots off and massaging and kissing her socked feet; after her boots are off, playing with her pussy; massaging and kissing her tits; lip locking and kissing her face / mouth / neck. Ella is moaning and enjoying every minute of her body being pleasured.

Charlotte decides she wants to get really kinky and wishes more than anything to go for a dip in a pool of warm green slime. Charlotte rubs a little slime on Ella’s body while she’s pleasuring her, as a tease. The girls finish up and go to the tub


They kiss and talk about what they want to do. As Charlotte gazes on the pool of warm green goo, she begins masturbating and moaning at the thought of being in the pool and having an orgasm.

Close ups of Charlotte going into the slime, starting from her feet and going up to her face.

Charlotte is now in the slime and is very close to having a huge orgasm. Just before she does, she turns around and notices that Ella is taking her clothes off (except for socks). She is even more excited.

Ella gets in.They both admit that they have always wanted to do something like this and pleasure each other intensely.

Close ups again of them getting in, starting from feet and going upward.

After a while, they get out of the pool and caress each other softly and play with each other until their slimed covered bodies quiver from orgasming, rub each other’s bodies with their feet.

At the end, they say that they will definitely be doing this again in the future, and lay with each other, softly moaning.