The Business Woman and the Dom


Serene Siren and Charlotte Cross star in a seductive foot fetish domination plot to rid a rich business woman of all her money. 27 min

A business woman is sitting at a bar drinking, looking extremely tired. She fixes her tie, looks at her expensive watch and stretches her neck.

The Dom notices the business woman all worked up. She moves closer to her, puts her hand on her shoulder, and slowly holds the business woman’s tie at the end and works her way up.

“Are you doing ok?”

The business woman turns around and thanks her for asking. She tells the Dom that work has been crazy and she had a bad day. The Dom slowly moves her hands over the business woman’s shoulder, massages her neck and brings her hand all around the business woman, grabs her by the tie, checking her out.

“You need to relax”

The business woman loves the seductive touch and responds back with a smile. The business woman takes the untied tie of the Dom, inspects it puts it back around her collar and buttons the Dom up as they talk, and ties her tie perfectly for her.

“I don’t tolerate loose ties”

The Dom chuckles, still sensually moving her hand all over the shirt and tie of the business woman, pulls her close.

“I can help you relax”


The Dom, still grabbing the tie, licks her ear, bites it and kisses the woman sensually. She tells the business woman that she is staying in the hotel room above and to come find her after 15 minutes.

The business woman drops her credit card on the floor and as she bends down to pick it up, the Dom stops her midway with her legs and the business woman admires it.

The Dom grabs the business woman by her tie and bends her over as she picks up the credit card and plays with it.

As she is about to stand, the business woman grabs the Doms tie and asks her how she will find her. The Dom smiles at her grabs her by the tie and makes her stand up and kisses her again and slowly unties the knot the slowest possible way.

Dom then ties the tie around her own head like a headband.

“If you can find this tie hanging on the door knob of my room, you’ve found me”

She also instructs the business woman to wear the tie. The business woman, still grabbing the Dom’s tie, asks her what if she doesn’t show up.

The Dom, moves her hand all over the shirt and takes the business woman’s card, unbuttons her own shirt’s first button and puts it inside her bra and buttons it back up. She tells the business woman that if she wants the tie and card back, she can come…

The business woman smiles and grabs the tie and kisses her again. The Dom walks away showing the tie of the business woman.

15 min later…

The business woman finally finds the room and ties her tie perfectly and knocks on the door. The door opens and she sees the Dom sporting the shirt, tie to perfection with a leather skirt and leather boots with high heels.

She looks towering now… she opens the door with handcuffs, licking her lips. She then softly pulls the business woman’s tie and kisses her at the door. The business woman grabs the Dom by her tie and tells her she looks beautiful in the leather boots.

The business woman then tells her that she wants her card back and that she has an important meeting to go to, so she better be on her way.

The Dom drags her into the room by her tie and tells the business woman that she can have her card back or she can worship those leather boots and feet. She moves her back all over the business woman still holding the tie up front with her back to the business woman.

The business woman tries to say something when the Dom quickly takes her to the couch and shoves her down. The Dom jumps next to her and they both sensually kiss each other. The Dom now sits on top of the business woman and holds her tie at the middle with both hands, rolls it up and down and asks her why she had a bad day.

The business woman tells her how she invested people’s money and lost a lot during the day. But she also said, her investments are safe and so she does not have a problem and they both laugh at it.

The Dom flips her over, sits on her back and massages her neck, still holding her tie. She tells her she will be in deep relaxation from now on and no work ahead. The business woman nods and the Dom makes the business woman stand up and takes her to a chair by the tie.

All the while holding her by her tie, she makes the business woman sit on the chair, and slowly moves her body all over the business woman. She then moves her legs all over the shoulder of the woman and doesn’t allow her to kiss yet.

The Dom then sensually removes her own tie and puts it on the business woman and blindfolds her with it. Then the Dom makes the business woman kneel on the floor and sits on the chair.

The Dom then takes the handcuffs and cuffs her hands. The business woman protests but the Dom smiles seductively and with one hand on the tie makes her worship the leather boots.

The business woman obeys as if in a trance. As she keeps worshipping, the Dom slowly tells her that she doesn’t deserve all the jewels and takes all of them. She then makes the business woman lick her feet and all the time she grabs her tie.

As she does that, the Dom takes her laptop and asks the business woman about her investments. The business woman initially objects but then with more worship she tells about her secret bitcoin wallet which is worth millions. The Dom takes over that account and gets access to the rest of her bank accounts.

She then leaves the business woman for a bit and comes back. The business woman asks why and the Dom grabs her by the shirt and tie and tells her that she just left the business woman’s car on a far off street with the key on.

“Oh, the car also had your expensive watch and ring. Oops.”

The business woman tries to object but the Dom forces her to worship her feet, ass and heels.

She then removes the business woman’s skirt, and ties her in the bed with her hands and legs tied. She then sits on top of the business woman and slowly grabs her tie again and tells her that she was one of the clients who lost money because of the business woman. So she wanted a long term payback and the business woman got it.

She then tells her that the business woman owns nothing and that she has access to all her accounts. The business woman is helpless. The Dom then removes the cuffs and asks her to get ready and get out.

The business woman fixes her shirt, tie and skirt and as she is about to walk out the door, the Dom grabs her by the tie and makes her tie the Dom’s tie perfectly for her.

She then softly grabs the tie again and tells the moneyless woman that she also recorded the whole thing and is going to publish it with the business woman’s face masked. If the business woman tries to do something stupid the mask comes off. She also tells her that the business woman has to pay for every download of that movie.

Then she laughs and tells the business woman that she doesn’t deserve the tie and removes it.