Lightning Warrior Lesbos


Parody of Japanese Adult Video Game 'Lightning Warrior Raidy' starring Aidra Fox and Liza Rowe. The Hero captures the Level Boss and some hot oral sex is the result. 21 min

Hailey the Hero – Aidra Fox

A high level hero who has taken up the call of a far off village who claimed that their religious temple, a tall and ancient tower, has been invaded by demons who have evicted the clerics residing there. Disturbingly, there’s also reports of female villagers being lured away to the tower only to return “changed.”
Hailey is an accomplished warrior who has faced down countless adversaries and has earned a sterling reputation as a champion of honor and justice. She swears faithfulness to no lord and does not covet gold, instead preferring to wander the world looking to help those too weak to do so themselves. Because of her dedication to her training regimen she is inexperienced in pursuits of the flesh and harbors a considerable amount of embarrassment about this fact. Although she shuns riches she does love recognition and fame, but because her warrior code demands humility she does her best to conceal her cravings for glory.

Level 1 Boss – Liza Rowe

Despite a confident exterior the Level 1 Boss is actually quite weak and inexperienced. Prior to Hailey’s arrival she had actually encountered a few low level heroes and succeeded in scaring them away without combat due to her respectable skills at bluffing. She’s not committed to her sisters’ cause nor does she even know what their goal is. She’s just using this as a stepping stone to something bigger. Her combat skills are minimal and underdeveloped. Rather, it’s her sexual skills and appetite that have resulted in her assignment as LVL 1 Boss.


* The Level Boss is surprised to find Hailey the Hero

LVL BOSS: Well they told me to expect a Hero to try interfere but I didn’t think any human would be foolish enough. Looks like I was wrong, but nevertheless I regret to inform you that your little excursion ends here on the first floor. Now run along and tell the villagers thank you for sending such a cute envoy but any more disobedience won’t be tolerated. That is of course unless you want to stay and become my pet.

HAILEY: Ha! That’s bold talk from such a bottom feeder. Even for a 1st level boss you look pretty weak. I’d be mortified if I lost to the likes of you.

LVL BOSS:Hmph! Such insolence! I guess I shouldn’t expect anything else from just a stupid human. I hope you like the collar and leash I pick out for you!

HAILEY: I’ll still spare you the indignity of defeat if you step aside and answer my questions.

LVL BOSS: Pets don’t get the privilege of asking their masters questions.

HAILEY: (Facepalm) Just tell me why you’re here okay?

LVL BOSS: (Total change in attitude – now friendly) Well originally I wanted to do standup but my parents said I had to finish school first and my college counselor recommended I find an internship because employers really like to see experience on a resume so I found this gig as a level boss and here I am!

HAILEY: I didn’t mean you personally although that’s really good that you’re furthering your education, I meant “you” in the collective sense.

LVL BOSS: Oh my god! You’ve met Yew and the Collective Sense?!? They’re like my favourite band! I’m going to have Gilgamesh’s little demon babies one day!

HAILEY: Meant! I said meant!

LVL BOSS: A Mint? Oh sure, hang on….here ya go! (hands HAILEY a breath mint)

HAILEY: (bats it away)

LVL BOSS:Ugh that was rude. I didn’t want to say anything earlier, but you reallllly could have used that.

HAILEY: I can see nothing less than defeating you is going to get you to take me seriously. Prepare yourself!

LVL BOSS: Oh well, I guess I could use some exercise. Do me a favor and wake me up if I fall asleep during the fight ‘kay?

***Cut to next scene – fight not shown***

(LVL BOSS is in doggy style position with legs and hands bound. The hands can just be bound together in front of her so the position isn’t uncomfortable. This can either be done on a bed or one of those massage benches)

LVL BOSS: Oooooo…that was really mean. You didn’t even give me a chance to stretch.

HAILEY: I don’t recall being under any obligations to an enemy. Especially one who invades a peaceful temple and evicts the rightful occupants.

LVL BOSS:Just how powerful are you anyways?

HAILEY: Level 99

LVL BOSS: What the hell!! I didn’t sign up to fight level 99 heroes! I’ve been duped! I’m only level-

HAILEY: Three. Yes unlike you I took the time to scan you before the fight.

LVL BOSS:You knew I was level 3 and you still fought me? I’m going to report you for demon cruelty. You won’t get away with this! Hmmm that’s actually really clever…..annnnnnd it’s exactly what I did. Kudos for figuring it out. Now go ahead and untie me before you meet your doooooom!

HAILEY: Nice try but no thanks. Now I have some questions for you-

LVL BOSS: Oh fun you want to interview me?

HAILEY: More like an interrogation. Now tell me-

LVL BOSS: Ahem, aren’t you supposed to read me my rights?

HAILEY: Oh right, I forgot. Here are your rights: You have none! Happy now?

LVL BOSS:So….no attorney?

HAILEY: No you don’t get a court appointed demon attorney, sorry.


HAILEY: Now tell me why you demons took this place over and who is your leader?

LVL BOSS: No clue. I’m just an intern. You really think after talking to me that they’d tell me any of that?

HAILEY: Mmm you do have a point. Fine well you’ll just have to stay here while I climb the tower and get to the bottom of this.

LVL BOSS: Wait! don’t you want to know where the entrance is to the next level.

HAILEY: Gee I’m guessing it’s through the door clearly marked “This Way to Lvl 2”

LVL BOSS: Hah you think we’d be foolish enough to do something that obvious?

HAILEY: You really want me to answer that?

LVL BOSS: Go ahead then. I may be really weak but the traps behind that door are really freaking powerful. Even for a LVL 99.

HAILEY: *Sighs* Fine. How do I proceed then?

LVL BOSS: Well the thing is that I’m having trouble remembering. You hit me really hard!

HAILEY: You lunged at me and I dodged and you tripped yourself.

LVL BOSS: …yeah well I landed funny and now my head’s all fuzzy.

HAILEY: Okay whatever, just take these herbs and this will clear your confusion.

LVL BOSS:Oh those don’t work on demons. Plus, they give me gas. No, there’s only one way for me to quickly regain my memory.

HAILEY: ….go on

LVL BOSS: I have to cum.

HAILEY: Stop toying with me, demon.

LVL BOSS:What? Is it so hard to believe? I am a sex demon after all. It’s kinda what I do ya know? It’s a big part of my M.O.

HAILEY: Okay fine! go ahead and do it then. Cum.

LVL BOSS:Uhhhh kinda hard to do that when I’m tied up like this don’t ya think?

HAILEY: Well I’m certainly not going to untie you.

LVL BOSS: Well I guess you’re going to just have to do it for me.

HAILEY:Hah! Now I really DO believe you may have sustained a head injury if you think I’m going to get a demon girl off.

LVL BOSS:Okay well I guess we’re stuck here together then. Hope you don’t mind if I try some of my stand up material I’ve been working on. So a gargoyle, a necromancer and a arch demon walk into a bar together and-

HAILEY: No no, that’s fine we’ll get you off. Just….just tell me what to do

LVL BOSS: Ha, you don’t know what to do?

HAILEY: Yeah ya know funny thing when I was training my body and mind for 12 hours a day to become a hero the one thing they didn’t cover is how make a demon girl reach an orgasm. Weird huh?

LVL BOSS: Sounds like a pretty big oversight to me. Might want to go back and get a refund.

*** 1st Sex scene begins – HAILEY fully clothed, LVL BOSS either naked or naked from waist down – HAILEY to the side and rear of LVL BOSS. For position reference see Pics 1 and 2***

HAILEY: Ugh, just tell me what to do okay?

LVL BOSS:: Right! Go ahead and lick your fingers and then gently place them on my pussy and move them forward and backwards

HAILEY: (Disgusted look)

LVL BOSS: Oh yes that feels good. Now trace your hands until you find a little bump. There! That’s called the clit. Now just rub that area in circular motions.

HAILEY: Like this?

LVL BOSS: Ooooh yeah. Ohhhh oh oh…

HAILEY: Are…are you okay? Why are you moaning?

LVL BOSS: I’m fine you’re just getting me really excited. You’re really good for a human.

HAILEY: ….thanks I guess. Are we almost done?

LVL BOSS: We’re getting there. Go faster!

HAILEY: (Shakes head) Oookay

LVL BOSS: Now take that hand in slowly put it in my pussy. Ohhhhhh

HAILEY: (look of apprehension)

LVL BOSS: Ok and then slowly move them back on forth.

HAILEY: Am I doing right?

LVL BOSS: Oh yes that feels amazing. Okay now take your other hand and reach around and tease my clit. Ohhhhhh ahh!

HAILEY: You’re getting really excited are you sure we don’t need stop?

LVL BOSS: No please don’t stop, please don’t stop!

HAILEY: Okay okay calm down I won’t stop. Is it happening?

LVL BOSS: Ohhhhhhhhhh Anh Anh Anhhhhhh

HAILEY: (Bewildered) Okaaaaay, well this marks a new low point in my career. Now could you please tell me where the entrance is?

LVL BOSS: (panting) Whew! Oh sure it’s right there through that door.


LVL BOSS: Yeah I’m remembering now. They strongly recommended I put some traps in there. Like really strongly suggested it. In fact they said if I do noooothing else make sure to put traps in there and I was totally gonna but then I got sleepy, and then hungry and then horny and then that process repeated itself over and over again. Basically there was never a time when I wasn’t one of those three things so I never got the traps installed. Oops!

HAILEY: (Eyes narrowing) YOU!…..(exhales) Well I guess in a way I should be thankful you’re such a slacker. I’d better hurry on to the next level. Farewell for now demon.

LVL BOSS:Wait, wait! Where are you going?

HAILEY: I literally just. stated. my. Intentions…

LVL BOSS: You can’t leave!

HAILEY: And why can’t I leave?

LVL BOSS: Well (looks coyly) I’m kinda sorta still horny. Could you help me out again?

HAILEY: You just came! How insatiable are you!?! And the audacity of asking one’s adversary. You’re an utterly shameless creature aren’t you?

LVL BOSS:Come onnnnn. The tower isn’t going anywhere.

HAILEY: Your punishment is to stay there and contemplate your crimes and how you intend to make up for them.

LVL BOSS: Well okay I was going to give you a really good review but I guess you’re not interested in your ranking…

HAILEY: What are you babbling on about?

LVL BOSS:The monthly Hero rankings and reviews published in the Valpar. I’ll have to give you just an average rating now. Too bad…

HAILEY: Like I care what a bunch of demons think of me.

LVL BOSS: Well it’s not just read by demons. Pretty much every dark creature out there pays attention to the Valpar. But you’re right, a real hero doesn’t concern herself with things like fame and glory. I mean who cares if you die in obscurity in a pile of your own filth. The important thing is that you did the right thing in life right?

HAILEY: Uh…, yeah that’s right. Just….just out of curiosity though, what’s my ranking?

LVL BOSS: Hmmm and what’s your name?


LVL BOSS:(snickers) Wow, nice name, pffft….anyway, let’s see…..14th in the world.

HAILEY: Fourteenth!?! What the hell? Who’s in first place?

LVL BOSS: Uh… know it’s that one lady who does… know….she goes all (she makes sound effects)

HAILEY: (Skeptical look) You don’t mean Largartha Lovehandles do you?

LVL BOSS: Yes! That’s her! Must be real frustrating being behind someone with an even stupider name than yours.


LVL BOSS: (stunned) Welp! That’s just mean! Now I’m hurt AND horny.


 : *Sighs* Are you really that horny?

LVL BOSS: (shakes head feverishly)

HAILEY: Fine! Lift your cute little butt in the air so we can get this over with.

LVL BOSS: Yay!!!

***Sex scene 2 begins – It starts out with a slight change in position for HAILEY. She’s now directly behind LVL BOSS – See Pics 3 and 4 for position reference***

HAILEY: You know I really have better things to do than get off naughty demon girls so if you could hurry up this time….

LVL BOSS: Mmmmmhhmmm mmmm ohhhhh

HAILEY: Ugh you’re not even listening are you? Alright, I’m going to make you cum soon but you have to promise to help clean up all the mess you made here and promise not cause any more trouble okay?

LVL BOSS: YES! YES! Okay fine whatever. Don’t stop, don’t stop.

HAILEY: OK now be a good little demon girl and cum for me okay?

LVL BOSS: Oh yes! Ahhhhh I’m cumming so hard! OHHHHHHHH ANHHHH

***Cut to next scene – LVL BOSS is now unbound***

HAILEY: Okay now I expect you to keep your promise demon.

LVL BOSS:That wasn’t fair we were in the middle of-

HAILEY: Doesn’t matter, I don’t know everything about demons but I do know they have to keep their promises.

LVL BOSS: (grumbling) Grrrrr FINE! I’ll clean everything up and prevent anyone from coming into the tower until you’re done.

HAILEY: Great I’m glad we could reach an-

LVL BOSS: But first! (Falls to the ground unconscious, snoring loudly) ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZ

HAILEY: So useless…

***Cut to HAILEY starting to look turned on. She hesitantly but feverishly decides to wake up LVL BOSS so she can get off too.