Kymberly Jane is Tied Up


Kymberly Jane is arrested and taken downtown for an embarrassing detainment while a cop and an inmate force her to worship their feet. 53 min

A smartly dressed business woman, her hair pinned up, fixes her tie, perfectly tied against a white shirt buttoned to the top. She is wearing expensive shoes, carries a expensive wallet with a lot of cash and credit cards, she also is wearing her most expensive necklace, under her collar, earrings and many rings on her fingers bracelet on one hand and a watch on the other hand.

She goes towards her car in a parking space, puts on her sunglasses and gets in to the car. The car also has 2 shirts and 3 ties hanging new at the back seat and as she gets in, a lady cop in a cop uniform knocks at the window of the car.

The posh rich woman sighs and opens the window and the cop places her hand on the window, slowly moves her hand over the tie of the business woman and grabs it near the knot and looks inside the car.

Holding her by the tie, the cop asks

COP: “Madam, I need you to step out of the car please. I heard reports that this car may contain drugs and i need to check it”

The business woman gets extremely annoyed and protests

BW: “Who do you think you are talking to? I know my rights”

The cop stops her from talking and wraps the tie tightly around her hand through the window and says

COP: “You can either comply or let me crumple and ruin this lovely silk tie of yours, either way”

The business woman tries to get out of the grip of the tie hold, but cannot,

BW: “This is harassment, I won’t be bullied by some bull shit claim. I don’t need to carry drugs. I am extremely successful and you are trying to trick me”

The cop now is extremely displeased. With one arm around the tie, she opens the car door, drags the business woman out by the tie, turns her around with her back to the officer,”

COP: I am taking you into custody for resisting to co-operate and being hostile” and handcuffs her.

She then turns the business woman to face her, this time softly fixes her tie using the tie as leash loosens the knot, gets into the driver seat of the BW’s car while holding the tie in one hand.

After entering the car, the cop ties the end of the business woman’s tie through the window onto the steering wheel, smiling viciously and starts looking at the dashboard and the wallet of the BW.

BW: “Hey this is totally uncalled for, I need to call my lawyer, this is total harassment and I won’t stand for it”

Cop : You are quite the talker aren’t you (and rolls the window up tightening the tie that is stuck between the window glass now and goes about her search)

The cop looks at the new shirts, picks up the ties and laughs at it and finally after taking her time going through all, she finally gets out of the car, but still the BW is handcuffed and her tie is caught at the window

Cop: Mam, I need to take you and your car for a thorough search at the station and if we don’t find anything, we can let you go.

BW: This is insane. you did not find anything here.

Cop: (rolls the window, releases the tie, grabs it, fixes it to be perfect again and drags her by the tie and goes to the passenger seat, opens the door and shoves the BW in the seat, and puts her seat belt on, takes off the BW’s sunglasses)

You won’t need this now, I’m gonna drive

(She puts the tie on herself and comes to the driver seat. After entering the driver seat, the cop grabs the end of the tie, ties it to the steering wheel and drive away merrily).

You deserve to be dragged along like this.

The Cop (still wearing the business woman’s tie) drags the businesswoman by the tie and brings her into a prison where another woman is already in the jail and pushes the businesswoman inside the cell and she falls at the feet of the other woman

Cop: Stay put. I’m bringing in the evidence from your car (and walks away)

Prisoner (looks at the handcuffed business woman top to bottom, fixes her skewed tie while holding it): What the hell did you do to come in here. Once this bitch catches someone, she will crucify you. You don’t look like you belong here.

BW (sobbing): No, I am being unfairly held against my will by this bully. She handcuffed me, and had me dragged in here for no reason. I need to call my lawyer.

Prisoner (loosens her tie, unbuttons her top 2 buttons, still holding her tie): Hush hush honey. I am with you, relax. The bitch is a nightmare. You are handcuffed and at her mercy. We need a game plan.

BW: (unsure of what to do) I just need to get out of here.

PRISONER (grabs the tie, rolls it and brings the BW closer and says): Lets pretend like we are making out. She will get pissed and will barge in, when she is in, I can knock her down and get the keys and lets run away. What say? She will never let u walk away and will subject you to a cavity search and what not. Decide quick! ( and moves her hand all over the expensive necklace of the BW)

BW: Ok, ok, But Why do you want to help me? And please button up my shirt, she has already taken my sunglass and god knows if she will let my wallet and keys back. So before she sees my jewlery can you button me up and fix my tie?

PRISONER: Sure hon. ( and buttons her back up, fixes the tie grabs it near the knot) But since i am helping you, I need a token of good faith, let me have your watch, looks expensive. I will take it for now.

BW: What ?? No.

PRISONER: ( takes it anyway) Remember you are handcuffed. (and grabs her tie tightly and gives her a deep kiss for a few minutes) as the cop walks in carrying the wallet, the shirts and ties from the car.

Cop: What the fuck is going on here? You two pathetic lowlifes. ( and comes in unlocks the door)

The prisoner, immediately jumps on the cop and grabs her from behind only to turn her towards herself and they both kiss each other passionately stunning the businesswoman. After a few deep kisses, they both look at the businesswoman and and start laughing

BW: who the hell are you both?

PRISONER: ( comes close to her grabs her by the tie and brings her closer to the cop) Hon, we are con artists, and for a long time we had been following you to steal from you, and your house is unfortunately too secure, so we had to bring you in here for getting stuff from you!

BW: you will pay for this.

PRISONER: (hands the tie over to the cop) : A feisty bitch. Actually honey, you will pay for this, pay a lot!! ( and laughs)

The cop while holding the business woman’s tie, gives another deep kiss to her partner in crime.

The cop and prisoner then take turns grabbing the businesswoman by the tie as she is asked to help put on the shirts from her car on to the other two ladies and ties tied perfectly.

All the while the businesswoman does this, the two ladies take turns grabbing the tie of the BW and totally verbally abuse her and handcuff her again.

Then the two ladies get mean. They ask the businesswoman how badly she needs to be let out, and she begs now. They uncuff her but one of them holds her from the back and the other makes her agree to give all the money in the wallet, slowly, and the 2 ladies divvy up all the credit cards, telling what they would do with it.

Then with one of them still holding the tie, the other administers spanking for the BW for wearing such expensive jewelry. shoes and as punishment with spanks, the businesswoman loses each and every one of the jewels to the two greedy ladies.

After ensuring they take everything, putting it on themselves they take turns to spank and grab her tie as they make her login to her bank accounts and transfer all the money to their swiss accounts.

After all the spanking they handcuff her and still grabbing her tie, they both sensually pull each other’s ties in front of the BW and kiss each other.

The fake cop then asks the fake prisoner if they should stop, but the prisoner wants more fun and makes the business woman worship both of their feet and ass while they talk to each other on getting her house code and stealing everything in there and leaving her tied naked on the street in a bad neighborhood .

The BW begs not to do so and in exchange agrees to write over her car, house to them for one dollar and they don’t pay that dollar either.

All the while they make her worship, the fake cop undoes the prisoner’s tie, and rubs against her ass and shoves it into the business woman’s mouth degrading her verbally on how pathetic and worthless she is now. And this will be her new life.

The prisoner sensually still makes out with the cop merrily and takes of her tie and puts it around herself and uses it to sensually tease the cop.

Finally it should end with the women in tieless shirts. Cutting of the business woman’s tie, unbuttoning her top 2 buttons and dragging her by one of the new ties.

Then putting her on the car’s back seat and one of them holding the tie from the front and telling that they are going to be the new homeowners of her home next and she will be their maid.

Her job is non existent and they decide to take her 401k money to vegas for gambling!