Jenna Foxxx Bouncing Boobs


Jenna Foxxx oils up her boobs and bounces them all over the place. 17 min

Fetish: ,

Jenna stars in an instructional workout video for the huge titted. It’s more about boob fetish as the girls are required to workout topless. The workouts are targeted towards making their boobs shake, e.g. jumping jacks, putting their hands behind their backs and shaking their boobs, etc.

Jenna walks into frame completely naked. Pours oil over her body.

Close up on her boobs. First, have Jenna lift both her boobs up by her nipples and drop them. Then one boob at a time. Last, pull them apart and release. 1 min.

Hands behind her head. High knees for 30 sec. Shake boobs side to side, up and down. 1 min.

Hula hoop for 30 sec.

20 jumping jacks then jogging on the spot for 30 secs. Skipping rope for 30 secs

Cool down and stretch. Pour some cold water on herself. 30 sec.

Close up on her upper torso with her face here. Have Jenna present her boobs to the camera using her hands. Have someone use a water gun to shoot jets of cold water directly at her nipples from behind the camera. 1 min.

For the rest of the time, it’s up to you all. Have Jenna freestyle, etc. The fetish here is boob bouncing. So just make sure there’s not a moment where Jenna’s boobs are still!