Mature Wife’s Cuckold Poker Game


Breast fetish cuckold scene with hotwife blowbang. Jay and his hotwife Sable Renae are out on the town, she is looking elegant and sexy but is also very shy and demure. Jay is playing poker with 2 other gentlemen and gets himself in a bind. He has gambled away almost everything… that is, except her. 47 min


The husband sits there losing game after game. Sable is sitting next to him, getting more and more nervous because he’s losing all his cash.. After one guy leaves the table he doubles down to try to win back some money. All of which is in vain.

The other guy returns to stand behind Sable, casually glancing down her blouse, noticing a glimpse of her bra and the top of her breasts. He tries to look further to see more until it’s so obvious she notices and becomes embarrassed.

The husband is at his wits end. All of his money is now gone and he has reduced himself to offering up his watch as payment for another hand. He says he needs to stop as he has lost everything and excuses himself to freshen up.

The gentleman comes back to Sable with his own drink in one hand and a glass of wine in the other. Inadvertently he pours wine on her dress. He apologizes and asks his friend to bring a wet cloth to wipe it away to avoid a wine stain.

Back with a cloth, he stands at the table and holds her dress open just a little with one hand while rubbing over it with the other. Sable is very embarrassed and is now frozen to her chair. He observes closely and then tries to hold open the other side her dress. When Sable shows reluctance he apologizes and tells her she turns them on.

Jay has returned and gets angry when he sees what is happening. His wife says she’s sorry and everyone else also apologizes. Then a proposition is suggested – if he would like to continue playing…why not put up his wife as collateral?