Cali Carter – Cuckold On Hold


Cali Carter is on the phone with her boyfriend while she gets it on with her secret lover. They make fun of him and cum on his pillow. 24 min


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Cali Carter is on the phone with her boyfriend…while her OTHER boyfriend is at his house, fucking his girl. Away on a trip, Cali’s man becomes a little jealous and must talk to her constantly to make sure she’s not cheating on him. They talk on the phone while she silently makes fun of her boyfriend to her lover about being a needy blabbermouth. She giggles and makes fun of him while sucking her lovers cock and then gets fucked by him while giggling at her boyfriend on the phone while he’s oblivious to what’s happening. And then she has her lover cum in the boyfriend’s shampoo bottle!

He questions whether Cali is listening, and she yells at him over the phone (while sucking his cock) and makes him apologize and threatens to break up with him. BUT the conversation turns back into a giggly mischievous state by the end, because she is discretely laughing her ass off while her lover is cumming on his things