Riley Reyes Tickle Robbers


A very beautiful, successful dressage riding woman (Riley Reyes) wants to participate in an important horse show. However, two crooks have something else in mind. To be quite sure that the woman can not participate in the tournament, they decide to ambush the woman for the day in her house and to keep trapped. 29 min

As the woman, wearing rubber riding boots, black breeches and black blouse and silk scarf around her neck, wants to leave her house to drive to the tournament, she is robbed in her house.

The men have previously entered the house through an open door and had hid there well in the basement and waited for the woman.

They grab the woman, cover her mouth, then put her a gag in her mouth and force her to the ground. Lying there, they gag the woman with the scarf they have taken off her neck and tie her hands behind her back.

A long rope is tied around the upper body.

Then the feet and knees are tied together. Tailored and gagged, both crooks carry the woman across the apartment to their bedroom on the bed there, in order to better guard them and so they better undetected and not on them and their action becomes attentive.

Because they also want to pass the time until the tournament is over and the woman is of course very attractive, the desire to engage more with the woman awakens in them.

One of the crooks is an absolute foot lover and desperately wants to lick the bare soles of the woman.

He says so to his colleague and when the woman hears that, she is very shocked, cries out, shakes his head and looks frightened.

She calls: “Please, please, please do not lick the soles !” she repeatedly calls her gag, because she is very, very, very ticklish on the soles of her feet and asks for mercy.

The crooks but know no mercy and enjoy their act.

His colleague is very happy to help him and sits down first on the bound upper body of the woman, who is lying on the bed so that she can move even worse

The foot lover then unleashes the feet of the woman and slowly takes off her boots and socks with pleasure, then back again tie the bare feet together.

Now his naked soles are defenseless. He smells his socks and puts them to the boots, which are visibly placed next to the bed.

Then he begins very intense slowly and then very greedy to lick her tender soles and suck his toes.

For the woman this is absolutely too much, she almost goes crazy because it tickles so much and begs you to please stop it all the time, but the foot lover does not think about it and goes on and on.

Then he tickles her then also the feet with a goose feather, which is also very bad for the woman, as well as with a hair brush he works on her soles. The woman has to laugh terribly and is totally desperate.

The man sitting on his torso tickles his nose and ears with a feather. Suddenly the crooks in the distance hear a police siren approaching, so they believe they have to flee the house.

As a souvenir, the foot lover takes the boots and socks of the woman. He just likes her smell. The woman remains tied and gagged back on the bed.