The Tickler vs The Undercover Agent


Undercover agent Felicity Feline rolls up to a suspects house to look for clues but is overtaken by The Tickler – a notorious bank robber that ties up his victims and tickles their feet. He’s unaware of her police status and wants to know who sent her but she isn’t talking. It’s ok, The Tickler has his ways of finding out…. 30 min

She walks across the compound and opens several cupboards and drawers, looking for files that exonerate her for a crime she didn’t commit. She is looking everywhere to find the files. She’s in luck and finds the evidence and tries to leave the house quickly through the door. Just at that moment, The Tickler is at the door.

He grabs her immediately, shuts her mouth and pulls her quickly into the house, closes the door, to have no witnesses. He takes the file back and puts it aside. Then he pushes the woman to the ground, binding her hands behind her back and gagging her with the silk scarf.

Then he bounds the feet, the upper body and the knees with ropes.

He wants to question her, who she is and what she has found out.

He puts her on the chair and ties her to the chair with other ropes and interrogates her, but she vehemently refuses to give an answer to the criminal. She does not yet suspect that and how he will torture her.

A little bit later, the criminal begins to annoy her by tickling her with a feather on her nose and ears. Because she is tightly tied to the chair, it becomes very uncomfortable for her, but she refuses to say anything.

“I’ll tickle you until you tell me who hired you and what you know about us.”

The woman seems intimidated, but remains in denial and shakes her head.

Criminal: Good,…. You don’t want it any different…..

Then he starts to question her again.

He starts to take off her boots and socks and put the boots to the side, then he binds her feet again and fixes the feet firmly.

The woman looks at him horrified and cannot believe what is happening.

He shows her provocatively the goose feather.

Oh, No…. that please do not….. please do not use the feather…. I have totally sensitive soles….

But the criminal knows no mercy and begins to tickle the super-sensitive soles of the feet with the goose feather.

She begs for mercy. But because she still doesn’t talk, the whining gets on his nerves.

He then also gagged her with one of her own socks and a tape.

Since the criminal is also an absolute foot fetishist, he can now hardly wait and then immediately begins to lick her feet from the heels to the toes and back.

He sucks and licks her toes. All times slowly, sometimes quickly, sometimes with the tip of the tongue, sometimes with the whole tongue.

She moans and laughs in the gag and winds herself in her shackles again she is super ticklish and keeps the torture difficult to carry on.

The criminal asks whether she wants to confess.

Do you want to talk now?

Woman: Yes, yes….. I want to say everything… all you want…. please stop… I’m a cop “.

Please let me go!

You have the chance to escape and I can not stand the torture anymore.

The Tickler briefly warns his accomplices no longer to come back, and then disappears with the file and leaves the woman tied to her destiny.

When she is liberated remains uncertain…