The Corruption Strain Ep 1: Bad Science


The Corruption Strain stars Tommy Pistol as a dorky scientist, compelled by unseen forces to create a special formula, making him irresistible to women. Mia Little and Lily Lane star as his unsuspecting colleagues, overtaken by lust when they come into contact with his new discovery. 72 min

The Corruption Strain - Starring Mia Little, Tommy Pistol, Lily Lane
A male scientist (Seth) is following the mysterious intervention of a demonic voice and manages to alter his cum into a super aphrodisiac. Women who ingest a large sample become completely horny and submissive to him, and mind controlled permanently by him. If it touches their skin or the man cums inside them, this makes the women horny and submissive, want to rub in the cum on their bodies/faces, lick it up, but the corruption effect is temporary. Men can also become corrupted by going down on or having sex with corrupted women, but are ultimately also controlled by patient zero, the scientist.