The Bitch Pillow


Casey Calvert enacts revenge on a co-worker sleeping her way to the top. 20 min

Casey’s colleague screwed her way to the job she wanted and wants to teach her a lesson.

Casey enters the bedroom and looks around

“Such a perfect place, so feminine, it must have cost a mint to do this.”

Big fluffy pillows on the soft bed, such expensive pretty clothes all hung in their place. She sees the perfectly pressed shirts that the slut wears to the office and how hot she looks in them, feeling and stroking them, admiring their feel. It would be such a pity if something were to happen to all this perfection.

She pulls out a pair of scissors and cuts one of the hanging shirts, grinning mischievously as she’s cutting,

“She wants to be a slut, well why not dress like one!”

She then walks over to the fluffy bed, touching the pillows admiring the high thread count. She jumps on the bed and lays her head into one of the pillows.

She grabs one of the pillows and humps it, rubbing her pussy all over it.

She then grabs a thick marker and mischievously writes bitch across the middle of the pillow. Taking it up a notch, she pulls out a knife and stabs one of the pillows.

Stepping back and taking in all her handy work, she has a great idea and grabs the shirts from the closet and the big fluffy pillows and heads out.


She arrives at a site outside with a campfire, throws all the stuff onto the ground and kicks them around, stepping on the shirts and pillows, grinding them into the ground, as she gets the fire ready.

She then kneels in the middle of a pillow, pulls out a knife and starts shredding a couple shirts, ripping apart pieces and throwing them in the fire, watching them burn. Whenever she needs to put the knife down, she stabs it into the other pillow next to her.

She lowers the last shirt slowly into the fire. She’s out of shirts, looks across at the once perfect pillow beside her, stabs it a few more times before tossing it into the fire.

Finally she gets off the last pillow, fluffs it up and lowers it into the fire, watching everything burn.

She then realises that she got her own shirt dirty while doing all this, so frustratingly rips/cuts/tears that off her own body and tosses it into the fire (leaving her in her underwear)

She watches her handywork feeling very satisfied with herself.